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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

News Update!

Christmas is over. It is time to go back to school again and learn. If there is anything coming up soon then look here.
*(For all years):  Heathlands has Got Talent is coming soon! If anyone would like to enter then they should start practicing.
*(Year six info:)  SATS are coming soon and if you feel like you are not good enough but you are prepared to work a little longer then you should get practicing for about half an hour after school.
*(Year six info:)  After the SATS year six have been offered the chance to go to see: The School of Rock! This year it is cheaper than usual.
Later On This Year:
*(For all years ) (On the 20th of June with a back up day of the 21st)Sports Day. This can earn your house some house points for that term and for the end of the year. Also Sports Day can let those who love running sports enjoy it.

Let this year be the BEST!  Earn house points and

 have a great YEAR!          I hope this will help you.
By Jasmine

What we have been up to!!!

This term, Year five and six have been learning about the Mayans and how they lived and who they believed in. 

Apparently, as a new born baby, they would flatten their foreheads with a plank of wood; put spinning objects in front of their eyes to give them cross eyes; file their teeth and also drill a hole in them and put jade inside. 

We also found out that they sacrifice their people or hostages to the gods or give blood samples with anything they could find just to please the gods.   Did you know that the Mayans had over 150 gods?  

We’re also having a Mayan workshop so we can find out more interesting and gory facts about them.

By Caleb