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Thursday, 28 June 2012

School Council Update

This is the picture at our latest school council meeting devising a questionnaire to work out what pupils think of the new house system.!!! We are now going to work out from the survey ways to improve the system.
Possibly the last meeting of this school council, how time flies!!!!!!!!!!

Our School Council in action!
We have also recently been to a School Consortium meeting which had the best biscuits out of all the schools (sorry Heathlands) where we found out all there is to know about other schools!!!!!

Karate Kid eat your heart out!!

Today we were really lucky to have a visit from Colchester Karate Academy.  We were given the opportunity to learn some moves.  It was great fun!!  We learnt a punch technique and how to be safe and respectful of others.  We also learnt how to defend using our arms.  Thank you so much to Lande Fourie for taking the time to come to our School.

If you would like to know more about karate lessons please visit Colchester Karate Academy

The Torch Returns! By Megan 6S

For a few weeks Heathlands has been involved in the Consortium Schools' Torch Relay using our own torch which has travelled between schools in Colchester.

On Monday 25th June the torch returned to Heathlands.  To celebrate this event, the yrs 5 and 6 lined Lexden Road, West Bergholt and other year groups were on Chapel Road.  The torch arrived on a carriage.  Mrs Carter held the torch confidently dressed in her greek Olympian style dress.  Six children, one from each year went with her.  It travelled all round the village and came to a stop in front of the school.  You could see the horses were dressed up for the ocassion with orange flames on their manes and their tails plaited neatly.

It was an amazing event to watch, the horses, the carriage and lots more.  We are all excited to see what will happen next.

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Aquathalon - Home Farm Primary School

Today a team from Heathlands travelled to Home Farm Primary School to take part in the Consortium Schools Aquathalon event.  When we went we were not sure what to expect however it turned out to be a great morning of swimming and running combined.  The Heathlands team did really well gaining many medals.  Thank you to our hosts for the morning, Home Farm Primary, we had a fab time!!

Maisie 3C - Silver Medal Winner

Lily 5C - Sprinting for glory!!

Leanne 4S - Another Silver Medal Winner

Football Event - Lexden Primary School

On Tuesday 26th June a team went to Lexden Primary School to take part in the Consortium Schools football event.  Our team played really well and came first winning superb gold medals.  Thank you very much to Lexden Primary School for organising such a great event.  Our team were made up of Freddie 4S Graig 3M Archie 3M Oscar 4S Declan 3C Marty 4B Jake 4B and Jack 3C.

The top three teams

Tag Rugby - Cherry Tree School

On Tuesday 26th June we travelled to Cherry Tree School for the Consortium Olympics Tag Rugby match.  Heathlands took two teams.  When we arrived we had a team talk to go through the rules.  It was 7 a side and each match took 10 minutes and there were three matches in each group.  Both our teams did really well and got through to the quarter-finals our A team then went on to the semi-finals.  It was a great morning which Cherry Tree School organised brilliantly.  We were well looked after by the staff and pupils there.  Thank you very much. 

Thomas 3C Richard 4S Jonah 4B Saffron 3C
Daniel 3C Daniel 3C Edward 3M and Thomas 3C

Matthew 3M Ollie 3C Aoife 3M Isobel 4S
Joseph 3C  Ben 4S Sam 3C

Monday, 25 June 2012

A lesson in Judo!! Report by Heathlands Olympic Reporters

As part of our two week celebration of Sport, we were lucky enough to have a visit from Colchester Judo Club.  They took us through some paces.  Jack, Ben and George in 4B told us that in Judo you have to hold someone down for 25 seconds to win a point.  We also learnt how to fall on our backs without hurting ourselves.    It was great fun!!  Alex in 4S said we learnt about throws and ground breaks we also learnt special words which meant to start and stop.

If you are interested in learning judo please visit Colchester Judo Club

Consortium Torch returns to Heathlands in style!! Report by Heathlands Olympic Reporters

First thing this morning we made special flags and banners for the return of the Consortium Olympic Torch.  The whole school then lined the streets of West Bergholt waiting for the grand arrival of the Torch bearers.  To our amazement huge Suffolk Punches (courtesy of Buntings) transported the torch, the Goddess Olympia (aka Mrs Carter) and our torch bearers Emily 3C Teighan 4B Lucy RLS Jack 5B Hannah 6S and Megan 2K through West Bergholt to our School amongst flag waving, clapping and cheering.  Teighan 4B said that she was honoured to be a part of the celebration and it was fun but a bit strange being in the cart.  She said that the horses were beautiful.  Megan said "I was suprised that my name was picked out of the hat, the horses were very pretty and everything was amazing".  Emily said "it's quite exciting but a bit scarey on the carriage, I really liked the Olympic flames it was really wobbly on the carriage".  Lucy said "it was very wobbly.  It was fun, I was really excited".

Lining the streets of West Bergholt

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Plopsaland Trip - Return Update

20.52hrs - Just arrived at Dover.  All well but tired!!  ETA 11pm subject to change.  Please check blog again for any changes.

Year 5 have fun in Belgium!

Pupils in Year 5 have enjoyed their trip to Belgium today. The ferry journey from Dover to Calais was lots of fun! We spent lots of time in Plopsaland - a park in Belgium! We went on lots of rides and got wet!

Olympic Torch Design at Heathlands by Harry 3C

In Years 3 and 4 we have designed and made our own olympic torches.  We had to think hard about our designs.  We thought about the olympic values and the colour and shape of the torch.  We used paper and card to make a cone shape then we covered them with brightly coloured paper and decorations. We learnt how to make a circuit and used a lightbulb for the flame.
Here are some of our torches

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Concrete arrives!

On Monday, our builders started to pour concrete onto the foundations of our new hall and classrooms. It was very exciting! We are looking forward to the walls being built and the roof being put on.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Diamond Jubilee Celebration - 1st June 2012 - By Leena and Zachary 5C

On the 1st of June Heathlands School celebrated one of the most fun events this year. Excitedly we walked onto the heath and there was a band of two guitar player. Most of the music was like Elvis Presley which we loved. While we were listening we were given an ice bun each and a variaty of drinks. After we finished our snack different years played some classic British games, the three games the uppers played were "in and out the dusty bluebells", "puntanello little fellow" and "a salior went to sea". Our favorite game was "puntanellow little fellow". The down side was that it started to chuck down with rain, so we had to go into the hall . In the hall we proudly sang the national anthem and Maybe it's becuse I'm a Londoner . We have some quotes, Abby 5C said " It was fun and I loved the music" . Lastly we were given a diamond Jubilee mug  which we will treasure forever .
A big thankyou to Mr Matthews and all the staff that orgonised this great event for us, we thought it was amazing !!!!!

Consortium Torch Relay - Report by Catherine 6B

On Friday the 25th of May the Consortium Olympic torch relay kicked off.  It will go to 17 schools in Colchester and started right here at Heathlands and has now gone on to Bishop William Ward, North Primary School,Cherry Trees School and St Jonhs School.  Our Olympic Bear, Olympia is going round with the torch to make sure everything is OK.

Olympic Dance Practice - By Ellie 4B

On Wednesday the 13th of June,  9 of us went to the Stanway school to reherse a dance for the Consortium Olympics with 17 other schools with our dance teacher Laura Rampton. We went for just over an hour. We have to learn 3 sections of a dance routine. We have already done section 1.   I found it really easy. Teighan said "I can't believe we got through to the consortium olympic dance. IM SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

6S Italian Mascots - By Rachael 6S

6S chosen country for the Olympic theme is Italy and we have been making mascots to represent our country. We were told to make mascots that symbolise Italy in many ways. They look amazing. When we finished making them we  had a competion for whose was the best. The winner was "Flympic" created by Emily, Olivia, Georgia and Laura. Congratulations to you!

Consortium Torch at North Primary School and St John's Green

Our brilliant Consortium Torch made it's way to North Primary and St John's Green in style on it's latest leg of the relay.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The Real Olympic Torch comes to Heathlands

We were very honoured today at Heathlands to get to see one of the original 2012 Olympic Torches.  Belle's (3M) Dad is lucky enough to be responsible for one of the torches which he very kindly spoke to us about in two special assemblies.

Consortium Olympic Torch Making it's Journey

Our Consortium Olympic Torch continues to make it's way to the Consortium Schools.  Just as the Official Torch, the various schools have been thinking of inventive ways for the torch to travel.

A wonderful Hockey Stick guard of honour as the torch arrives at Bishop William Ward

The Torch made it's way from Kendall School to Cherry Tree School by horseback...

and then a Morgan

Appropriately decorated

Travelling in style

Friday, 1 June 2012

Red, White and Blue Day at Heathlands

Today we celebrated the Queen's Diamond Jubilee on the heath in front of the school.  Everyone dressed in their finest red, white and blue outfits and were treated to live music by Paul and Nel.  The children were all then given a special tea party cake and squash followed by traditional songs and games.  All the children were then given a special commemorative mug of the day!!