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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Christmas Spirit!

Well done to our Reception pupils for a wonderful Nativity today. Great acting and singing. You really got us all in the Christmas spirit! Well done!

Decorating Xmas Trees for Colchester Night Shelter!!

The pupils in each of the houses at Heathlands decorated a Christmas tree to raise much needed funds for Colchester Night Shleter.  You will see from the pictures, each tree was cleverly decorated with, amongst the usual baubles and tinsel, toothbrushes, toilets rolls, toothpaste, soaps, scarves and other useful every day items.   They thoroughly enjoyed setting them up and the night shelter is absolutely delighted with the gifts! The winner was tree number 6, Daniell house, followed very closely by tree number 4, Orpen house. There was only 5 votes difference! Nearly 200 people came to vote for their favourite tree over the weekend and £55 was raised in donations.   Well Done to all the pupils and thank you to Emily Flett for organising this event.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Pupils enjoy a Christmas treat!!

This afternoon, all the children at Heathlands were treated to a brilliant magic show by Michael J Fitch.  Thank you to the PTA for funding this great afternoon.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Yr 3/4 Production proving a huge hit!

Today the whole school was treated to a preview performance by our Years 3 and 4 of their "Primary School Christmas Musical".  Future audiences are assured of a real treat of acting, laughter and superb singing!!!

Big thanks to the teaching staff for all their hard work in helping the children produce this brilliant show in so little time.

Thursday, 5 December 2013

St Mary's Church Service

Some photos kindly provided by the Kafala Family of the recent service held at St Mary's Church.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Christmas Shoebox Appeal 2013

The shoeboxes were successfully delivered to the Samaritan Warehouse in Sudbury by pupils at the School.

Monday, 25 November 2013

WW2 experience at Heathlands

Today the Lower Juniors spent the day dressed as children in WW2 and took part in various activities relating to that time.

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Sing a Song by Isobel

Today all the year groups recorded a Christmas song to put on a big CD that people can buy. 6NS’ song was ‘The Holly And The Ivy’ whereas 6FS sang ‘Deck The Halls With Boughs Of Holly’ a traditional song and the whole school is going to sing ‘We Wish You A Merry Christmas’ together.   It costs £6.75 for one CD to hear your child sing with his/her class .



Fabulous Fireworks by Holly

On the 9th of November the school had a fire work night over 4000 people were there and the event raised £15,000 .  There were loads of stalls there and when the fireworks  came on they were so eye catching and loud and they lasted for quite a while. There was a mind blowing band called the Hairy Monks which I really enjoyed.


The £10 Challenge by Imogen

On Friday the 15th November, the £10 challenge took place at Heathlands  Primary School during break and lunchtime. Each class set up stalls, or entertainment in their classroom and many of the classes raised a minimum £100. Altogether, the school raised £2337.75! Because we raised so much on that one day, we split it between the tragic typhoon in the Philippines and children in need and half to the typhoon appeal.

An amazing trip by Haydar

This year (2013) the year 6 classes went to KINGSWOOD (it lives by it’s name) it was amazing!! The best activity was outdoor laser a game that you have a head set and a blaster.  The scariest activity was leap ... of faith! You climb up a three meter pole and stand on a platform and leap to grab a pole that is hanging above the platform. Good luck out there!

My time at Kingswood by Younes

On the 30th of September year 6 children went to Kingswood on Monday. When the day came for the Kingswood everybody was excited about the trip. It took two and a half hours to get there. When we got there we were told to put all our bags to the Tudor room. After that we told who`s dorms we were in. Then we were told what groups we were in. I was in group T and Bandi was also.  

Champions By Alex

On the 15th  of November our school football team travelled to the Weston Homes Community Stadium to compete in a 5 –side tournament  against 8 different schools. We won our league, there were 2 different leagues with 5 in one and 4 in the other and the people who won their league go into a final and we took part in this final against North Primary School and came out on top with a 1-0 win. Even better news we didn’t concede a single goal and we were unbeaten throughout the tournament. The team also have another game coming up against St Michaels School feel free to come and watch.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Football Champions!

Well done to our Year 6 football team who returned to school victorious after winning the Colchester Schools' Consortium Football Tournament! No goals conceded!!

Medals Galore for Alex, Ben, Jake, Oscar, Freddie and Matthew!!!

Friday, 15 November 2013

£10 Challenge

Today we raised £2337.75 in aid of Children-in-Need and the Philippines Typhoon Appeal. Each class was given £10 to make 'grow' in a fundraising event. Here are some photos.

Beautiful Bonfire Art by our EYFS children

"Art from the Heart" creations of our EYFS children

Trying to get a goal past Mr Hassard in the "Penalty Shoot Out"

Guessing the weight of the sweet jar!

The very popular Funky Photo Booth

Shoe Shine in 5C

Operation Christmas Child

Thank you to everybody who has very generously donated a Christmas Shoebox for Operation Christmas Child. There is still time to get involved as the shoeboxes are now being collected on Tuesday 26th November.

Friday, 18 October 2013

Eco-Race Update

The EcoRace has got off to a brilliant start! After the two weeks, we have seen so many bikes and scooters in school. There have also been a lot more people making a conscious effort to walk to school. Thank you for your effort and support with our bid to win the race! 
Well done to the following classes and class members:

Class with the highest score:
Week 1 (w/c 7/10/13)
Week 2 (w/c 14/10/13)

Person with the highest score in each class:
Week  1
Week 2
Max, Grace
Ella, Alyssa, Daisy
Adam, Amaya, William, Alyssa
Gracie D, Lucy L
Paige, Sam
Sam, Paige
Isaac, Ella
Ruby, Amy
Olly L
Josh T
Abbie, Younes

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

My Report - By Holly

Two weeks ago on the 30th of September nearly all of yr 6 went to a residential trip to kingwoods  it was an amazing experience  we did lots of activities like leap of faith, archery, Jacobs ladder, night line extra.

 In the infants, they had a Lego day today this is a Quote Mrs Hopkins. a parent, she says “There was a buzz in the room and all the children were very very excited”


My Teriffic Trip to Kingswood by Isobel

These past few weeks we have been doing loads of activities and trips to amazing places. My favourite thing has to be Kingswood! We did so many activities there, around about 35! I’m sure you have already seen the pictures of the leap of faith and Jacobs’s ladder. The first night we got to stay up till 10:30!!! Because it was the first night. The next few nights we only went to bed at 9:30 because we had an early start at 7:00 and a day full of activities. We had wonderful meals there and were looked after very well. The Yr 6 had a spectacular time at Kingswood.

Big Win for Yr 6 Football Team by Alex

On the 10th  October 2013 the selected 10 from the year six football team went-accompanied by their amazing manager Mr Hazard!- To the school of St Helena to compete in a football tournament, against other schools such as North Primary and St John’s Green and won every single match they played and never conceded a goal at all throughout the tournament which they won!   They came back from the tournament holding the trophy high with smiling, a good days work for the team.

My Week at Kingswood by Imogen Yr 6

In the last couple of weeks we have done lots of trips, fun activities and much more.  Personally the most exciting thing we did, although only year six did it, was our week long trip to Kingswood. There were many fun things we did - I’m sure you will already have seen most which has been written up on the blog, Leap of Faith to Environmental Art, there was so much to do! We all loved sharing a dorm with our friends and there was only up to six or seven people in a dorm and the dorms were cosy, we all got to stay up until 10:00, 10:30 latest! The meals were lovely; we all had them in a large hall. Although we didn’t stay inside much, the size of the Tudor house was humongous; there was even a large table from Harry Potter!

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Apple Orchard Visit

Today our Reception children and some very kind parent helpers took a lovely walk to our local Apple Orchards.  They spent some time walking amongst the apple trees learning about harvest time and the tasty Apple Juice made at the farm.


This week our Year 6 pupils are taking their Cycling Proficiency lessons.  It is always great to see so many children bringing their bikes into school.  After initial road safety instructions the children were taken off site with their instructors to practice their new skills on the road.  Good Luck!!

Welcome back Year 6

Our Year 6 pupils have returned from their field trip to Kingswood and among them our Web Site Reporters.  Check the blog over the next couple of weeks for the inside story on the adventures and activities of their fun filled week.

Harvest Collection - Thank you!!!

To all our pupils and parents who have donated to our Harvest Collection a huge THANK YOU.  You never cease to amaze us with your generosity!

Friday, 4 October 2013

Kingswood - Day 5 12.40pm

Final photos from Kingswood. It has been a great week! Lots of wonderful memories! On our way home soon - expect to be home around 3.30pm. Bye!

Kingswood ETA still 3.30pm - Please check blog for any changes

Kingswood - Day 5 10.15am

This morning we have archery, abseiling, fencing and 'environmental art'!