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Tuesday, 20 November 2012

6NS Profiles continued....

Name: Cameron
Birthday: 11th of November 2001
Likes: Computers, carrots and table tennis
Dislikes: Flies, wasps and Justin Bieber
Aim in life: To get rich

Name: Kai
Birthday: 2nd of November 2001
Likes: Xbox, football and animals
Dislikes: Chatty girls, waking up early and school
Aim in life: To be a proffesional football player

Name: Emelia
Birthday: 13th of July 2002
Likes: Horses, hairdressers and dogs
Dislikes: Animals in pain
Aim in life: To be a surgeon or vet

Name: Thomas
Birthday: 30th of June 2002
Likes: Exploring and climbing
Dislikes: Newspapers and magazines
Aim in life: To be like Bear Gyrills

I wish you a Merry Christmas...by Lily 6NS

Did you know it is less than 36 days till Christmas?

The date today is the 20th November 2012 and I'm counting the sleeps to Christmas and want to let you know it is exactly 35 sleeps till Christmas!

Did you know it is exactly 10 sleeps till we open our advent calenders? Yehey!!

Already at Heathlands we are busy preparing our Infants Christmas Production and the PTA Hollyberry Fayre on the 7th December!! I can't wait.

Get ready to write those Xmas cards as the School Christmas Post Box will soon be available for deliveries.


       NEARLY,  MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!!!!!

My favourite breeds of dog by Harry 5CC

My favourite breeds of dog are cavalier king charles spaniel,
king charles spaniel.
Both breeds are very alike. The differences are their faces, the king charles face is all squashed up even the nose points up.

The new classrooms and hall by Alana 3PM

Heathlands had lots of building work.  We have 2 new classrooms.  I had a peep at them.  Fabulous! Our hall is twice the size of it was.  Our school has really transformed! It is much more enjoyable and we don't get squashed in assembly  :+)

Mathletics by Jack 4MB


Mathletics is a brilliant new online maths challenge that everyone in our school can log into.
Its really fun and you can use it at home or at school.

You can do:
Live Mathletics(you can compete against people in different countries)
Learning Exercises
Gold Bars

I love it!!!!


Heathlands Firework Display - By Cameron 6NS

It was an amazing experience as the fireworks where very colourful the BBQ food was quality as it was the best I had ever tasted (exept from my cooking skills)

We were entertained by the music from a band which had a very good voice better than JLS.

Overall all it was an expirence of a lifetime

Anti-Bullying Week by Lewis 3PM

This week is anti-bullying week. That means you are not allowed to bully people this week or ever anywhere you are.

Ways to stop people bullying you..........

1. Shout out STOP!!!!!!!!!! then everyone will hear and look at you then they will stop.

2. Tell a adult.

Tip: If you keep bullying other people you will not have any friends. So don't do it!!

Tasty Tuck - by Lauren 5CC

Tasty Tuck
 Tasty tuck is a healthy snack for the juniors at break on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
All Snacks are 35p.
We have:
·      Spicy noodles
·      Plain popcorn
·      Tex Mex
·      Chocolate covered raisins
And lots more!!!
All the Money goes to new equipment for the pupils at the school.
Lauren 5CC, Imogen 5CC, Daniel 5CC all run the Tuck shop; they have to collect the money from the pupils and give that money to Mrs Walsom. They also send off orders for more of the snacks.

Anti- Bullying Week By Dean 4AB

Anti-bullying week is where we don"t bully anyone in the school or anywhere, ever!  We are learning about how to solve problems. If you shout out GO AWAY!!! everyone will hear you then the perosn will go away.  If you want to be a bully you wont get any friends to play with because they will run away from you. SO DONT BE A BULLY!!!.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Spotty Disco

Heathlands today held its now yearly marathon three discos in aid of Children in Need.  Here are just some of the "hot off the press" photos of the EFYS children as they arrive in their stunning spotty outfits.

Life Education Bus Visit

We have been really lucky to have the Life Education bus with us all week.  We found out interesting things about our bodies, emotional and physical health and well being.  We also learnt about making the right choices.

Firework Photos - Abby 6FS

Abby and her family very kindly let us have these photos of our amazing 20th Firework Display.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

The Builders have nearly finished.....

Today our Reception children moved into their brand new classrooms.  They are awesome.  They have funky new toilets.  The new hall is huge it's going to be great for PE!!  There is also a new music room which is much bigger than the old one.

By Cameron, Lewis and Harry

Remember Remember the 10th November...

Remember remember the 10th of November this year the school will host a fire works evening
the gates open at  at 5:30  oh how flirty and the fire starts at 6:00 which is going to be full of sticks
at 7:00 the fire works hit the heavens.
there will be bbq and glow in the dark toys oh the joy
so come along
by Lily

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Sportshall Results

The South East Athletics Network have just released the Sportshall Competition results.  Our boys team came in 1st place and our girls 3rd.  As well as the relays each of the team members produced some really good individual scores.  Congratulations to you all!  For the full results please CLICK HERE