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Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Loud Clear Voices

On the 22nd April, eight schools from around Colchester competed in a public speaking competition, in the Grand Council Chambers, inside the fabulous Town Hall.

Oliver, Jack, Finley and Frankie won the competition of public speaking; they won for Heathlands and they even saw the Mayor of Colchester!

On winning Frankie exclaimed that, “The chamber was very intimidating although ornate...The win didn’t sink in until we got back to the car park.”

Over the next couple of weeks, we  will be interviewing the extraordinary winning team.

by Sam and Tom

So you think you can boogie?

On Monday the 20th of April, the whole school was buzzing with word of only one thing; HEATHLANDS GOT TALENT!!!

Heathlands got talent is our own customised talent show where all of the students in the school get their turn under the shinning lights. First they had to survive the audition in their own classrooms then in front of Wendy (Sophie’s mother and talent show handywoman). If they completed all of that, then they get to go through to the final where there can be only one WINNER!

by Francesca & Kaiden