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Friday, 23 May 2014

Heathlands Has Got Talent - Photos

Runner Up Band "DBEMB"

Runner Up Mia

Consortium Winner Sam

Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Heathlands Has Got Talent Final

Tuesday 20th May and the school hall was buzzing with anticipation for the final of Heathlands has got talent.  This year we had an incredible range of acts from gymnastics, dancing, and comedy to music and singing.

After much deliberation from the independent judges, Sam of 5M won the competition with his singing and goes through to the Consortium finals tomorrow evening.  Good Luck Sam!!

Our top three acts will be performing to the entire school at Friday afternoon's assembly.

Well done to every act that took part in the heats.  You have all proved that Heathlands certainly does have a lot of wonderful talent.

Rugby Tournament by Alex

On Wednesday 21st May two teams of ten from Heathlands took part in a tournament at the Colchester Rugby Club.  There were forty-eight teams and both our teams played really well.  Team 1 got through to the semi-final and team 2 got through to the quarter finals.  The Captain of team 1 was Ben 6FS and team 2 Captain was Alex 6G who both did a great job.  All our players performed well with some outstanding manoeuvres by Nat 4M and Edward 5C who managed to score a nail biting "Golden Try" in the quarter finals.

Thank you to Mrs Lawrence (of course) and Mr Matthews for taking us and being a great Manager in his last Heathlands Rugby Tournament.  Thanks also to the parents who came along and supported us so brilliantly.

Going over the rules before we play

Team 1 - Edward, Oscar, Sam, Freddie, Wills, Thomas,
Nat, Ben, Daniel, Dominic

Team 2 - Daniel, Tom, Matthew, Jack, Oliver,
Olly, Oliver, Alex, Thomas, Eddie

Team huddle

Captain Ben gives pep talk

Team 2 in action

Thanks Mr Matthews you have been a
great Manager!

Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Heathland's Hub 2nd Anniversary by Jack 6FS

Heathland's Hub will be celebrating it's 2nd Anniversary on 31st May 2014.  Back in 2012, William (then Yr 4) wrote and published one of the very first reports on the infants' trip to Tropical Wings.  Since then we have had over 38,000 views to our blog.  Thank you to all the pupils at Heathlands who have contributed to our blog and also to all you out there who view our blogs.

To read our very first blog CLICK HERE

Moving on by Jack 5FS

Today I attended a 'Taster English Literature Day' at St Benedict's College.  We completed a project on 'War Horse' this involved creating our own war animal and making a presentation of the book or film War Horse.

If you are in year 6 and are going to St Benedict's College or any of Colchester's other secondary schools, don't worry you will be fine and enjoy yourself.  I found the taster day useful and hopefully you will too.

Good Luck Heathlands Rugby Team by Alex

Tomorrow Heathlands will be represented by two squads of ten boys to play in a rugby tournament at Colchester Rugby club. Team one is captained by Ben and team two are captained by me Alex the school has participated in this event for many years and has a good record Mr Matthews is going to take the boys along with Mrs Lawrence.  We wish them luck.

5M Assembly By Francesca, Lucy and Eloise

The Rehearsals

Friday 16th May, 5M were going to perform their class assmebly.  Evie, Saffron and Dean are the real headlines of the show as narrators, Dan S was playing Highway Rat.  There is a lot of great acting going on in rehearsals.  We are looking at different versions of Little Red Riding Hood.  Listen up! Lucy and Isabel won't be needing a microphone as they can speak very clear and loud, go girls! By Francesca

The Show

Last Friday it was 5M's assembly to their parents, grand parents and the whole school.  Our assembly was about Narrative poetry.  Evie, Saffron and Dean were the narrators.  Lucy and Isabel read out the 'Highway Rat' while Dan S played the part of the Rat.  James was a very good Rabbit, Reece the Squirrel,  Augustin and Jamie were the Ants and finally Ollie L was the Duck.  I really enjoyed it!! By Lucy

Testing Times by Younes 6FS

On the 12th of May, Year 6 had a SATs week (well, Monday to Thursday
really!). The first test we did was the Reading Comprehension Levels
3-5. I found this a little challenging but I finished all the
questions. Next day we had the SPaG (Spelling, Punctuation and
Grammar) test. Haydar [10 years old, 6G] said: ' SPaG was OK because
it was only one mark per question, but some of the spellings were
tricky, but I did my best.'

On Wednesday we did the Mental Maths test and Maths 1. Bandi (10 years
old, 6FS) said, 'I found the Maths tests quite easy.' I hope he did
well. Finally, on Thursday, we took the second Maths test. I found it
a bit easier than the first one. Some people took the Level 6 tests as
well - they worked really hard! On Friday the teachers set up a
'common room' for us and we played some games at lunchtime for a bit
of relaxation!

I think everyone is pleased that the SATs are over, and I'm looking
forward to the the Y6 production and my secondary school visit. I'll
be writing about those later in the term.

Footy Mad Girls win Match!! by Libby 6FS

On Monday 19th May 2014 the footy girls (Me, Ellie ,Holly ,Mia ,Amelie ,Romilly and Millie) went to St James school to play against St James school's football team .It was a hard match despite that, we still won 3-0. There was some great saves by our goalkeeper Mia and some great goals! And there were some excellent crosses and headers! On the other hand the other team still had some great chances but our goalkeeper saved them all, it was a great match! And I would like to thank Mr Hassard for taking us to St James school and I would like to thank all the girls for playing and signing up!

Friday, 16 May 2014

Eco-Race Spring Term 2014

Congratulations to those who participated in the Spring Term Eco-Race and made it into the 'Race Hall of Fame'.  Those children who cycled to school for every day of each week automatically qualify for the 'Cycle Champion' draw next week.

Please see below some pictures of our wonderfully full bike sheds during the race weeks.....brilliant turn-out!

Week 4
Week 5
Week 6
Anabelle, Adam
Aidan, Benny, Bobby, Grace M, Gracie, Jack, Pippa, Romeo (all walked to school all week)
Adian, Benny, Bobby, Grace M, Gracie, Jack, Pippa, Romeo(all walked to school all week)
Adam, Benny, Bobby, Grace M, Jack, Pippa, Romeo(all walked to shool all week)
Ben, Hunni

Elijah, Gracie
Chloe, Rachel
Jack, Felix
Amelia, Paige, Rubie, Felix
Ruby, Paige
Grace, Thomas
Class with the highest score:
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6


Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Website Reporters Summer 2014 - Meet the team!

We have today had our first meeting with this term's Website Reporters.  We are an enthusiastic mix of year 5 and 6 pupils at Heathlands and are all looking forward to the coming term events and reporting to you on them.

Meet the team:

Hi, my name is Francesca and I am in 5M.  I joined Website Reporters because I like computers and it give me a chance to expand my knowledge of computers.  It would also be nice to get to know all the other people in the school and report on all the fun things the school is involved in.

GOOD LUCK to all our year 6's with SATs!!

Hi, I am Lucy and I am in Mr Minter's Class.  I joined Website Reporters because I like computers and telling people things.

At the moment the year 6 pupils are doing SATs and I would like to wish them all the best of luck.

Hi, I am Eloise and I am in Mrs Carter's class.  The reason I joined Website Reporters is because I enjoy telling people the latest activities at School.  If you want to know whats going on just come to me and I will tell you.

Good Luck year 6's!!

Hello Reader, I am Lauren and I a,m in (the amazing) 6G.  I have joined Website Reporters because I love writing stories and I think this may help with my work, also I though it would be fun.  I love drawing and, as I said before, I really like imagining stories and putting my ideas on papers.  I hope you will enjoy reading my articles.

Hi, i'm Libby and I am one of the Website Reporters and I am in 6FS.  The reason I wanted to become reporter is because I love computers.  I also love being outdoors (playing football).  We are now half way through our SATs.  I hope to report on the exciting things happening in Yr 6 and our last term here at Heathlands (it's very sad).

Hi, I am Jack I am in 6FS and am now a Website Reporter.I joined the club because I like computers and I look forward to reporting on interesting things.  I will be reporting about clubs at School.

Alex is a returning Website Reporter and now a veteran!!!  Alex has been assigned the task of reporting on, amongst other things, School assemblies and performances.  Good Luck Alex.

Friday, 9 May 2014

Our New Play Equipment - Thank you lovely PTA!

The brand new play equipment arrived about a week ago. Nearly everyone’s been on it and thought it was absolutely excellent! There’s a trim-trail that’s fun, challenging and exciting, so you and your friends can play on it. The outdoor learning area is also brand new!
The school’s PTA were the reason we got this, by an amazing firework night, a fantastic, fun Holyberry Fayre and much more.
I like the new outdoor area because there’s loads to do. You can make a house out of the foam Poddely or you can have a fun time on the wooden stage. There’s seats which go with the stage – you wouldn’t want to lose your audience! There’s also spheres made of different things so you can sit on them or slide off. There’s also a special table for chess and draughts; it’s really fun to play. There’s a construction for building water channels. I like the wooden, tremendous trim-trail most. It’s got the best and hardest challenges!
Pupils think that it’s really fun, amazing, exciting, tremendously cool and they want to play on it more and more.
Teachers said “we’re really lucky to have this” and “we’re very jealous” !

Max 4M

I think that the new junior’s trim-trail is brilliant. It arrived two weeks ago and people have imaginatively created the equipment out of wood and rope. It is very safe, yet also very good fun.
The money for the equipment was funded by the Heathlands’ PTA and their fantastic events, like the fireworks, Hollyberry Fayre and Chocolate Bingo.
I would improve the trail by adding a list of rules, like a certain number of people on each part of the trail.
I like the wooden spinning log the most. You hold onto the rope above and walk across the log as it spins. You end up running sideways like being on a hamster wheel ! Everybody likes that.
It benefits the school because it makes things more spacious and fun for the juniors and the whole school can use it as an outdoor learning area. Wow !
The trim-trail is a new attraction / craze for the juniors. Everybody is mad about it !


2SW Visit to Bluebell Woods - By Faiza

True Blue
Deep in a sea of green and blue, 
the Oak stands tall and true.
The busy birds and bees 
fill the Bergholt fields and trees.
Heathlands - we  you!

Faiza 2SW (with photos by Mum)