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Monday, 24 February 2014

Visit to Weston Homes Stadium

Today, some very lucky Year 6 Football Club and Team members visited the Weston Homes Stadium and had the opportunity of interviewing one of Colchester United's players, Tossin Olufemi.  A full report of the visit will be posted shortly.

Training session on the astro turf pitch

Asking question in the Press Room

More taxing questions

George and Tossin

Alex gets an autograph

Daniel and Tossin

Outside the tunnel

All smiles holding our signed programmes

Thursday, 13 February 2014

ECO GREEN DAY - Friday 14th February 2014

This Friday is ECO GREEN DAY at Heathlands.  Our non-uniform day is dedicated to raising funds towards the ongoing development our very own ECO garden.  Pupils are asked to wear something green.  We also have a raffle with prizes including tickets to RollerWorld and Quasar.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Football Frenzy at Heathlands by Alex Yr 6

You may have heard of the year 6 football team already as they have won 2 trophies and are currently top of the table. They played a game on Friday and won 2-0 over Friars Grove School. The team were soaked to the skin and looked as if they had bellyslided into a muddy puddle (which some of them had) but anyway they came out on top and are ahead of Brinkley Grove on the league table,  and now some breaking news that I have just heard from the team's manager, Mr Hassard that we are playing St.Teresas in the 2nd round of the cup so good luck to them.

Cross Country Report by Franchesca 5F

On Thursday the 30th of January the cross country team went to the Garrison. There were lots of different schools there and it was very nerve-racking at the start. The year 5 boys went first and then the 5 year girls .After all the year 5s had finished the year 6s went in the same order as the others boys then girls.  Maisie (year 5) came 3rd and Marty (year 6) also came 3rd it was a great success . Everyone else in our team did very well .The year 5 girls and boys came 1st winning a smashing trophy. I did the race as well it was quite challenging . The race  itself was 1.6 km  (it is about 1 mile) but the only bad thing was it looked like you just ran round a field but then it lead round on to another field.  Also another great achievement was the yr 5 and 6 boys got into the cross country County Championships .


Our Theme this term - Eloise 5C

Hi I am here to tell you what things are going on in school 
The upper juniors we are learning about H2O

H stands for hydrogen and O stands for oxygen. Year 5 in Mrs Carter's class are allowed to make some lovely water posters about H2O in class
BTW - Congratulations to all the cross country runners you did really well , well done to Maisie and Marty who both came 3rd place in their races!!!

Cine-Literacy Year 5 - By Harry

In the 2014 spring term, we are doing cine literacy.   The film we are working on is Finding Nemo! We looked at longshots, angle shots and other stuff like that. Then we put all our new knowledge together and wrote our own stories, i’m still working on mine.  My main character is a monkey called Obob.