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Wednesday, 25 February 2015


On Monday 23rd February, Year 6 received a road safety talk from a lady called Wendy, from Essex Highways.  Firstly Year 6 discussed what journeys they make outside of school and how to always be safe around roads to avoid accidents.  After that they received a short questionnaire on roads and what they knew about being a pedestrian around roads.  Subsequently, they were sorted out into groups of ten, to go outside to investigate different safety precautions and how to avoid accidents.  Some of them saw a dangerous cyclist without a helmet. All in all,they appreciated Wendy's time, here in school and thoroughly enjoyed the experience (they learnt a lot as well).

Sam and Dominic

The Party doesn't start until we all jump in...SPLASH!

For the last few Wednesday's, 3H have had a series of super swimming lessons.  First we went on a crowded coach.  All the people on the coach who didn't know how to swim were very nervous and all the people who did were excited. 

Finally we were there!  We had to wait and watch 3B swim.  Luckily we had brought our reading books (just to make sure that we weren't bored).  Some people had forgotten their books so they had to read a magazine.

After a long time waiting we were in the pool.  In our first week group 1 got to jump off a diving board.  In our second week group 1 had to do front crawl without a float and with a float. 

On the way back we had to wait SEVEN trains!  Whilst I was waiting I played eye-spy with Phoebe, we also played what house is the most pretty and which view was the best.

by Gracie

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Maths Day

On Tuesday 10th February, we went to North Primary for an Able Maths Day.  Mr Hallam took us in his car.  When we arrived we met Mrs Smith, who was going to teach us.  After all the schools had arrived, we warmed up our brains with a question; that was sung to us. 
Next we filled in a pyramid with the numbers 1-5.  Then we were substituting the numbers to algebraic terms.  Also, we had to fill in a multiplication grid in under five minutes, although the numbers weren't written in order.  Next we had a message from an alien but it was in a code so we had to decode it, the outcome was:  help I am trapped inside a moon rock.  We also did some quick maths where we only had 1-4 minutes to do it.  There was some interesting and helpful maths like:  a new method of multiplying 6,7,8,9 and 10.

To top it all off we had to make a cube out of a net that had eight faces instead of six!  Eventually we worked it out.  It was a great experience.
By Amy, Grace, Oliver & Jonah

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Sew Cool - Creative Sewing

Children from the Sew Cool Club can be seen here proudly showing their most recent creations. If your child is interested in joining this lovely club, contact Mrs Julie Bennett on 07803 667665 for more information.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Heathlands Footballers 'strike' Gold!

On Friday 23rd of January 2015 Heathlands Primary School battled against North Primary School in a highly competitive football match.  At Heathland’s Home, the football game took place for the highest position in the large football league. Both teams wanted to win but it was all about fun too.

The two teams were ready in their positions for the first whistle. The line-up: at the back Tj in goal with Declan and Ollie as the defenders. In the middle were Jack with Oliver and Joe alongside him.  Up at the front was Dominic.  In addition, Sam, Graig and Matthew started off as substitutes.

Five minutes after the whistle Oliver ran with the ball on the left wing and did a perfect through ball towards Dominic, who quickly ran and scored a goal! Making it 1-0 to Heathlands.

Later in the match it was a corner to Heathland.  They took the corner and it bounced out of the box so the ball was at Declan’s feet.  He then curled it perfectly towards the top left corner of the goal.

After the final whistle, the score was 6-1 to Heathlands; making heathlands win another three points for the league table. The scorers were Dominic (with one goal,) Declan (with another goal) Jack ( with two goals!) Oliver (with another goal) then finally Sam with an amazing goal from the half way line.

By Dominic and Dean


In the school kitchen, Andy the catering manager, Imelda, Pam and Kim all work extremely hard making the dinners for the majority of children in Heathlands, each and every day. We enjoy our school dinners especially the puddings!  We have a choice of different meals each day (see menu on home page). We are also given the option to have a vegetarian meal. There are so many meals to choose from: fish fingers and chips, pizza or even roast dinner - they're all great.


The kitchen staff are all affectionate and compassionate.  We have called our kitchen ‘Jiko’ meaning ‘kitchen’ in Kenyan because of our strong links with Kenya.  Also if we haven’t said it enough, we are very grateful for the food that we have so generously been provided. 


On behalf of the whole school we thank the kitchen staff for all the effort which they place into our dinners-they’re delicious-the dinners not the staff.

Charlotte, Emily & Francesca

Our New Netball Squad!

First, let’s introduce our new netball team: they’re confident, fast and always on the ball. The team captain is Elise, but the other members consist of Abi, Thea, and Aoife, Lily and Saffron – photo to follow!


The team have already played two matches in 2014. The first match was against Prettygate; sadly they lost 2-4 but they had great success in their second match against Brinkley Grove and won 6-0 and most recently they won their match last week 4-0 against North.

The team is practising extremely hard and hopes to win plenty more matches this year.

Frankie and Charlotte

Heathlands to score!

On the 14th of January, 2015 Heathlands Primary School played an exciting Year 6 football match against Kelvedon St Mary’s Primary School, as part of the school football league.  The game kicked off at 3:00pm and we were ready to.  We certainly had some near misses and our goalkeeper made some outstanding saves but Kelvedon scored first with a shot into the bottom right.  Then the referee blew for half time.

Straight after half time wehad a long throw around the goal mouth and one of our players smashed it in the top left.  After that we scored with a powerful shot into the middle of the goal. Then Kelvedon came away, when a defender kicked the ball at another defender’s tummy -  it rebounded for the  kelvedon player to shoot and he scored in the bottom right.

With a small amount of time left on the clock both teams would’ve been happy with a draw but one the Kelvedon players had other ideas and a scramble in the box made for a sad end for one team as the ball broke through and a Kelvedon player put it in the back of the net.   After that Heathlands nearly scored but didn’t and the final score was Heathlands 2-3 Kelvedon.

We all played very well and had loads of fun. Thank you to Mr Hassard and Mr Cranfield for raising a team and refereeing respectively. We wish luck to Kelvedon for the rest of the season and UP THE HEATHLANDS!