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Friday, 28 June 2013

Wow! What a brilliant day out!!

 Just a few more pictures from our day at Plopsaland, Belguim.  More to follow.

The Ladies Breakfast Club

All smiles ready for a fun packed day

Birds Eye View!

Can you see land yet!!
Some of the gang chillin' on the boat
Quote from a very green Mr Matthews "I only went to the Pirate Ship to take photos!!"
Did anyone actually keep their eyes open on this one?
Younes said "That was the first time i've been on a ride, it was amazing!"
Mrs Smith kindly took Lily on this ride while a scaredy cat Mrs Lawrence took a photo
No matter how hard he tried at the end of the day Marty just couldn't hold back the sleep, bless!

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Back in England

We have managed to get earlier ferry. We expect to be back to West Bergholt at around 9.45pm. Pupils to be collected from outside the Scout Hut.

Au revoir Plopsaland

What a great day we have had! The sun has shone and we have all enjoyed the rides! Just leaving Plopsaland and returning to Calais.

Nous sommes arrivés

It has been a long day already! 11.30am

Bienvenue en France

We have left the ferry and now have a short coach journey to Plopsaland in Belgium!


We are now on the ferry sailing to Dover! A lovely breakfast and we are now exploring the ferry!

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Yr 5 Plopsaland Visit

Bon Voyage to our Yr 5 pupils and staff as they make their way to Plopsaland in Belgium for a day of "immense" and "epic" fun!! (perhaps not so much of that at 5am when they set off!!!).  Follow this blog regularly for photos and reports.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Aylmerton Memories

17th- 21st June 2013

On Monday we made our way to Aylmerton our year 6 residential trip in north Norfolk. It took us 2 ½ hours to get there! There was a lot of chatting, eating of sweets and even singing!!! After our coach journey we went to Cromer to have our lunch on the pier. We had an ice cream each then made sand sculptures. That evening we went to the woods where the instructors told us a gory but true story about the church we were sitting in.

The next day we had Pirate day where we did different activities where they included team work and everyone was very good at this. We then went into the woods where we had to hunt for clues to get to the treasure. In the evening we had free time where we could do anything we wanted, the last hour or so we played rounders and 6FS won!

On Wednesday we had a monster trail and we did more teamwork activities then we went to the woods again! We had to find more clues and from clues 6-12 the instructors dressed up as monsters at jumped out at us then squirted water at us! After a long day we went to splash swimming centre where all of us enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.

On Thursday we had to walk 5 miles where we also walked in mud. We discovered different habitats including sand dunes, shingle and marsh.  After we got on board the boat and saw lots of seals. That evening we had our disco where Miss Smith was on the dance floor busting her moves to Beyonce!

The last day we went to West Brunton to go rock pooling. After we made our way home. Thank you to all the teachers for taking us.
Report by Jess

Art Day at Heathlands

On the 25th of June, the whole school had ‘Art’ day. When people say the word art you would think about painting and drawing, well, that is art but not the sort were talking about! It can also means acting, singing and dancing. Today, all the uppers (years 5 and 6) focused on dancing, We were lucky enough to have Laura and Lauren come in to teach us a nature themed dance (Mr Matthews specifically requested a song with no lyrics!) both year groups performed the dance in front of the school in the afternoon. We were all very proud of our performances!

Meanwhile, the lowers ( years 3 and 4) looked at the acting side of it all! They had a really good time working with Mr Thompson!

Finally everyone in the school designed and painted ( Now we’re talk about painting!) a pebble in a African style pattern. Overall  we had a fabulous day. Thank you Mrs Murrell, Mrs White, Laura and Lauren for making this day possible.

Report by Abby


Sew-Cool Monkey Madness!!!

On the 24th of June The Sew-Cool Club finished making their sock monkeys. It took us 5 weeks, we have been very busy.  Mrs Bennett, our lovely sew-cool teacher helped us throughout the weeks and some parts she thought we could do "easy peasy lemon squeasy"...and she was right!

I thought it was very fun and some parts of the monkey making where a bit tricky but some were  easy at times!!! Jessica Yr 6 said "they were tricky at times but once they were done they looked very cute it was worth it.  I would love to do it again and hopefully it will stay on my bed for a long  time".

 Thank you Mrs Bennett!

Report by: Mia

Year 6 Rehersals Update

Today we had nearly the whole afternoon of practising for our play. The whole thing is coming together very quickly; we’re all enjoying watching each other play their part whether it’s singing, speaking or dancing.

“The rehearsals are coming along very well; we are trying to remember where we stand. I can’t wait to actually practise with year 5!” year 6 teacher of Heathlands primary school.

We will update you soon!

Report by: Poppy

Meet Abby and Jess

This is Abby and Jess who are two more of our Website Reporters team.  We are really looking forward to putting information and photos on the blog.


Friday, 21 June 2013

Aylmerton Day 5 - 4.00pm

Our Aylmerton Adventurers have returned! We hope you have enjoyed our blog and the photos of the week. Thank you for all your positive feedback. Have a good weekend!

Aylmerton Day 5 - 11.45am

We have been exploring the beach at West Runton this morning. It's a bit cloudy but, there are great views. Going to have lunch soon and then begin our journey home. What a great week!


EYFS visit to Marsh Farm

Our reception children recently visited Marsh Farm.  They recorded their day by making a powerpoint.  Please click the link below and find out how they got on.


Aylmerton Day 5 - 7.45am

Great quote from the DJ last night : "I've been doing this job for 2 years and you've been the best behaved and the best at taking part during the disco that I've seen!". Well done, Heathlands! About to have breakfast and get ready for the morning.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Aylmerton Day 4 - 9.00pm

Last post for today. Another non-stop day. 5 and a half mile walk! Great to see the seals and to be followed by 2 along the beach! Disco now - Gangnam Style he we come!! Good night. See everybody tomorrow afternoon!

Aylmerton Day 4 - 8.30pm

D.I.S.C.O. Time!

Aylmerton Day 4 - 8.00pm

Some great photos from our day at Blakeney Point.