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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Chelmsford Cathedral

On Tuesday 2nd March (2016), the two Worship Groups went on a visit to Chelmsford Cathedral.  They spent the whole school day there, and quite a few were glad to have a nice break from lessons.  It wasn’t just the two Worship Groups - there were over 150 school children there.

The day started off with the children saying what they will need for a long journey.  Then a man, dressed in robes, taught them a response and then told them a story about Moses.  He didn’t just tell a story, as he spoke there were interactive experiences, making it as though the children were in the tale.

There was more story – telling and experiences, followed by crafts and activities, people acting and singing, and loads more!

“I thought it was an interesting and educational day, and I had such great fun!” Lauren, a member of Worship Group 2, told me.

So, it sounds like the two Worship Groups had a whale of a time, and hopefully they got some good ideas…

Years 3 & 4 Cross Country.

On the 24th February 2016 (last week) years 3 and 4 went to Colchester Rugby Club for a cross country competition. All children practiced and practiced through their lunchtime to achieve what they did. The year 3 girls and boys did extremely well and came 3rd while the year 4’s came 1st. The year 4’s will now go and complete another cross country competition taking place on 14th April 2016. James (1st), Lucy (2nd), Elijah (2nd) and Keaton (3rd) also deserve a mention as they finished in the top three in the individual races. This means they will compete in the individual competition on 9th April 2016.

We wish them all the very best.


By Lewis

500 Word Challenge | Year 6

Last week, Year 6 each wrote a story which HAD TO be under 500 words in their English books which will later be submitted onto the 500 words challenge website.


There were some really ‘Interesting’ entries including Cucumber Civil War; The Robbery; Running There & Back; The Nightmare and Double Dads.


All the stories were amazing and everyone did a fab job of typing them all up.


“It was super fun.”

-        Eddie 6H


By Lewis & Eddie


On Saturday 12th March 2016, you can go to Colchester Institute for a free trial on any instrument that is found in an orchestra and this is some of them: flute, guitar and violin.

Mrs White has all the details about the day. JOIN NOW!!
by Lauren and Megan

Festival Fundraising

This year, the Year 6s hope for an end-of-year festival themed disco at the Scout Hut.  But although we have received some money for the disco from the PTA, the costs are expensive.  So we have decided to ask people to sponsor the Year 6s. 

They could be sponsored for anything at all, like swimming a certain distance, cycling, reading, skipping etc. – the choices are endless. 
So get sponsored Year 6 and do your bit!

by Bethany

A New Feline Friend

Recently, a grey, striped cat known as “Bobby” has visited the school every day, much to some teachers annoyance.  Although Bobby looks like a little stray, he is actually Dylan’s pet cat.  Bobby has explored many outdoor parts of the school, pursued by adoring pupils. 

Most people are very fond of Bobby like Megan,  “He is really soft and silky” she quoted. 

“Bobby is an extremely affectionate cat.  ” Mrs Gibson smiled.  “All he needs now is a Heathlands school uniform.”

Even though Bobby has many fans, some people like Chloe aren’t so keen on him.  “I think he’s a menace,” Chloe said bluntly.  “Because he makes me sneeze and I tripped over him.”

One of the places Bobby has visited is the wildlife garden.  He came when two of the Eco Monitors – Alice and Angelina were attending to the nature.  As both Eco Monitors were experienced with cats, first Alice lifted the curious Bobby out of the Wildlife Garden.

But annoyingly, Bobby came back into the garden and stuck his face into a hole in the ground, looking for food.

So after being lifted twice out of the Wildlife Garden by Angelina, the Eco Monitors gave up and ignored Bobby.

But Bobby still remains in the school grounds (which is surprising as he must be terrified being chased by pupils, while some pupils yell, “Leave the cat alone!”). 
So, the question is, will Bobby ever leave the school?