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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Our School Tech!

Earier this week, Monday, during maths in Mr Hassards class -6H- his class projector BLEW UP (well not really) it stopped working with a bang and smoke  

Recently Mr Hassard and Mr Cranfield went interactive whiteboard shopping they will also sell boards to parents . Every class will get a new board.  The boards will be installed during the Easter holidays.

Every one can’t wait to see what white boards they choose and what new tech lies ahead!

Ella Mae via Web Reports

Bobby the cat

Bobby the cat keeps on coming into year 3’s and 4’s class rooms. He is a very cute cat, but is also very mischievous.  All the children chase Bobby the cat even though they’re encouraged not to. The cat is grey with black tiger stripes.


“Bobby is really cute!”

-        said Megan 3T



Written by Eddie and Megan

Awesome Orchestra!!!

The Abby Gate Band appeared on Wednesday 3rd February 2016, to play many songs from Frozen, SpongeBob Squarepants, Wizard of Oz and many more!

When we entered the school hall, we heard an old favourite called ‘76 trombones’ and they did an amazing job at performing all the tunes. Everyone enjoyed it and had a super time.

 “My favourite was Scooby Doo!”

-         Lewis 6H



Lewis & Eddie 6H

Time to think; time to pray

As you may know, there are two Worship Groups – Group 1 and Group 2.  This fortnight, the two Worship Groups performed their first Acts of Worship. 

Group 1 went first, teaching the school about the meaning of the Lord’s Prayer.  Then Group 2 went last Monday, explaining to the school about how the Acts of Worship are going to change.  The school is going to learn some new phrases; we will do and say some different things.

“It was amazing!” exclaimed Lewis when asked his opinion on the first two Acts of Worship. 

“I thought it was a great idea,” Mr Hassard quoted, “And it will be good to see how it goes after they’ve had more practice.”

So, what’s next for the Worship Group?  Group 1 told the school about the Prayer Chair (a new edition to our Acts of Worship).  Once the school has learnt all the changes, the Acts of Worship will be brilliant!   

By Bethany              


The Heathlands Netballers Strike Again

The Heathlands Netballers have just recently completed another outstanding match. It was played on Thursday the 14th of January 2016. In the end, the scores were 21:1 to Heathlands.


We are all very proud of the Netball squad and their achievement. We look forward to their further achievements in the future. We congratulate all of the Netballers: Ida, Amber, Claudia, Shannon, Grace, Amy and Ruby.


We would also like to thank Mrs Carter (the netball leader) for the incredible work and leadership. We hope the best for their match on the 20th of January 2016 and wish them all the best future!!!!


By Lauren and Chloe 6G  


Going for Gold

On Thursday 14th January 2016, the Heathlands football team won 3-1 against Myland. The boys, who were excited, went out onto the damp pitch to play in the football match. They were 3-0 up against Myland until something went horribly wrong that the boys didn’t expect… Myland scored a goal!

Luckily, they scored their goal with only a few minutes to spare, so they couldn’t concede anymore goals. This made the score 3-1 when the referee blew his whistle.
“Great Game”
-         Eddie (Played In Match)
Best of luck to them when they play their next match!
Written By Eddie & Lewis

We're forever blowing bubbles...

Class 6G have been dedicated to two fish, since September 2014 , that have been named and renamed each year this means that the fish are about  1 ½ years old. 

On Tuesday-a few weeks ago- Megan and Mrs Gibson went out during  lunch time to get ‘Florentine’ our new baby fish to go with Washy-now renamed Clementine so 6G have the new pair.  But they still have to give their respect to Wishy R.I.P.

“It was green and it smelt” quotes Megan class 3T . We have to put this fact forward but Mr Hassard thinks that all dead fish should go in the toilet; this is not pleasant because every animal should be cared for like fellow class mates .

Lauren says, “I feel devastated and it is a  terrible tragedy that the fish is dead.”

I also get the privilege of getting a quote from Chloe about our new fish,

“I feel very happy that Clementine has a new best friend to play with”.

We give thanks to all the other 6Gs for helping and naming Wishy.

The Web Reporters via Ella Mae