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Thursday, 21 May 2015


CONGRATULATIONS to Argent, this half term's house point winners.  No School Uniform day for Argent tomorrow, Friday 22nd May.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Reach for the Stars...Netball Update

On the 7th May, 2015, five talented netball stars made the short journey to Myland Primary School to play against a rather tall Myland team.  After going through some important stretches the teams were ready to play!

The umpire tossed the ball up and the game started.  At the end of the first quarter Myland were beating Heathlands but it was all still to play for.

As the end of the second quarter approached Heathlands looked more attacking although Myland were leading by quite a few at the break.

The third quarter started with a goal to the Heathlands even though Myland were still leading.

The final quarter was fairly quiet and the match ended in a Myland 8-1 win.  Congratulations to Myland and commiserations to Heathlands although they gave it their best shot (quite literally).

by Sam

The chicks have escaped!!!!

The chicks have escaped from school……not really (panic over), they have gone to their new homes.


Four chicks have settled in with Mrs Slater and the remaining five with Frankie in 6G.


In conclusion I think that the whole school will really ,really ,REALLY miss Ralph (Year 6’s chick of choice) and all the rest of the chick gang!!!!! 

by Tom

We'll meet again...V.E Day; Year 4 Trip

On the 8th May (last Friday) some Year 4s-picked out by lolly sticks-visited an old people's home near North Station.  In assembly, they told us about their experiences which included, meeting several of the residents which happily told them about their time in World War 2 and being given some goody bags, full to the brim with war benchmarks. 

Mr Cranfield made this special event occur; thank you!

Written by Lily


Year 5 are very excited for the 25th June because they are going to Plopsaland.  However there is a slight catch, as they are a small group, ten year 6s get to share their wisdom & also join in the fun!

The way that they will get there, is that they will go on the coach to Dover, get the ferry from Dover to Calais and then continue to travel by coach from Calais to Plopsaland.

The children (and staff) will leave at around 05.30am and be back, probably, just before midnight.  They will probably be allowed to bring some spending money (yet to be confirmed).

Hope you have a good time!!!!!!!
by Lucy.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Very Excellent non-uniform day!!

On Friday 8th May, 2015 we are going to have a non-uniform day in remembrance of V.E day-the day victory in Europe was announced.

The whole school will be in non-uniform for the day to show our respect.  We are asking for £1 donation.  In school we will be having a special assembly in the afternoon.

By Lucy and Frankie

Get Chicky With It!!!

Recently the school got new 10 chicken eggs, a chicken egg incubator and habitat. We have been interviewing Mr Hallum. We asked him four questions, that were:

  • Where did you get the chicks?
  • What farm did the eggs originally come from?
  • Can we please keep a chick to become a chicken so we can have egg products? E.g. eggy bread and omelettes.
  • Will we be naming the chicks?

Here were his answers

  • It came from `Living egg`(the company)
  • Don’t know
  • No, but they going to different homes in our community.
  • 1D are going to name the first chick; the school is going to name the rest.
    In conclusion the chicks are doing very well unfortunately we will not be getting eggy bread and omelettes.
    By Thomas.D and Kaiden

Good Luck to the Year 6s

We are wishing all our Year 6s a big, fat: GOOD LUCK for the SATs next week. 

Our teachers:  Miss Smith and Mrs Gibson, have planned a trip to see "Wicked" at a theatre in London the following week.  We are really looking forward to going altogether to see the show,

So good luck to all the Year 6s, once again-fingers crossed for good results!

By Emily

Lovely Leavers

Over the past few months the Year 6 leavers and their parents/guardians have been helping to raise money for the Leavers Disco.  Some children have contributed by being sponsored by their parents to do odd jobs in or outside; such as:  walking the dog, washing up, washing the car or even cutting the lawn!  Also some children have been selling donuts, cookies and drinks.  They have raised lots of money for the disco.

Last of all, they have had the chance to buy a hoodie or T-Shirt in choice of colour.  They will be allowed to wear the hoodies and t-shirts during the last week at Heathlands to celebrate their goodbyes to all of their teachers and LSAs.

By Lily and Emily

Strictly Come Dancing

On Saturday 25th March, ten girls from Years five and six went to Mersea Island School to perform 13 dances that Mrs Carter had patiently taught to us on Monday lunchtimes (every week).  It was really enjoyable and everybody had such fun.  We worked really well as a team and we were really complementary to one another.

Thank you to Mrs Carter who organised everything for us.

By Lily, Charlotte and Emily.

All Creatures Great and Small

Last week Notely Green Primary School visited our school to adventure around our school wildlife garden.  Their school is also thinking of creating their own wildlife garden for their pupils to explore.  Mrs Murrell happily told us that they really enjoyed looking around and that they were impressed by our creativity which we had brought to our beautiful school garden.

We would like to thank the Eco Team (including Mrs Murrell!) and the PTA for creating our wonderful garden for our school to enjoy.

By Lily & Emily

Chick Chick Chick Chicken!!!

On Monday 27th April, 2015, 1D collected their new pets which were a "small" surprise.  As they were CHICKS!!!! 1D were over the moon until they found out they were initially eggs.  But that didn't mean they didn't really like them.  The first egg hatched on Tuesday 28th April, 2015 at about 20.00, and the whole of the Heathlands community was able to watch, thanks to Mr Hassard who  had set up a camera to film them over night.

The chicks were in an incubator set at 37.8 degrees and have since been moved to a special heated box.  Sadly one of the chicks hasn't made it.  Some of our Web Reported went to interview Miss Day about her thoughts on her new friends.

You can find out more about the interview under the name "Eggcellent" interview.

By Lucy and Frankie.

Eggcellent interview!

Eggcellent interview!

As the whole school continues to buzz with excitement about our chicks; what better time to interview Miss Day?

We started by asking her, “Where did you get the idea of having chicks?”

“Mrs Mayhew – chair of PTA asked, would you like chicks in your class?   And explained that the PTA would kindly pay for it.”

After that we asked, “How did the children in 1D react?”

“They are very, very excited and intrigued.  Also they will get to name the first chick.”

Our third question was, “When can the chicks come out of the incubator?”

“After 24 hours they can move to a new incubator but only in groups.  Soon after, they can leave the 2nd incubator.”

Then we quizzed her with, “What do you think about the school’s amazing reaction?”

“When I was letting the children out of school today, parents were asking me loads of questions and they too are also intrigued.”

Our final question was, “Are there any down sides to chicks?”                        

“Yes because chick 6 – unknown name – has sadly passed away although we still have 9 chicks.  So apart from that no.”

Thank you to Miss Day for letting us interview her.

Sam and Charlotte