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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The Blue Crystal - A major hit!!

Our Year 6 and 5 children were amazing in their production of "The Blue Crystal".  Special thanks go to their teachers and all adult helpers.

Friday, 19 July 2013

All the fun of the Fair! Report by Year 3/4

The Lower's Department have spent time in DT lessons inventing, designing, making and modifying side show stalls.

We worked in small teams talking, listening and at times compromising until we had perfected our stalls.

Our stalls opened for business on Friday morning and year 1 to year 5 spent an enjoyable hours trying out our games and activities.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Science Day at Stanway School by Isobel 5RC

On Monday the 15th a group of year 5’s went to

Stanway School for a science day. We learnt about acids and alkalis. We used test tubes to pour in liquids like lemon juice and oven cleaner. We also used a indicator to determine what colour it was on colour chart and what ph number it was. I had a brilliant time there!


The blue crystal has been an amazing play and everybody involved has done a brilliant job from the Aliens and the Zarcons to Captain Tor and his assistant. Thank you to all the teachers and parents who have helped out with lots and lots of things in the production.    THANK YOU!


All the things I have enjoyed this year!! By William 5RC

This year I have loved our Tudor Banquet day because it was a new experience for me, we got to play games all day long and we did a dance to the parents. Also I found going to Plopsaland most enjoyable because we could go on exiting and scarey rides. I loved!!!!!!!! Our trip to London as we saw a great show and went to a museum (I like museums). The summer fair was great,  I loved the dancers that performed there and all the fun things you could do. All in all this year has probably been my best year at Heathlands yet.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Dance Show Review by Abby

Annie performance at the Lakeside Theatre

On the 7th of July 2013 (or the 6th), Me, Lily, Lucy, Abi, Sam, Sophie, Thea... (and lots more from the school!)  took part in a performance at the lakeside theatre, Annie. The drama group that did it is called Theatre fun. I have been with the group since Christmas 2011, where we did ‘Dick Whittington’. But anyway, back to Annie... Everyone really enjoyed performing it especially when the orphans did the big dance number at the start to the music ‘Hard knock life.’ Overall everyone had a great time performing the songs and acting there lines! I know I did!! Thank you to all the Theatre fun staff  xxx


A message for my friends by Mia

Dear friends,                      
My time at Heathlands has been all the better because,of you.  Friends are the most important thing. My friends are funny, cool, silly in a cool way.  The people from my year that are not going to Stanway I will really miss.  I have been with all my friends for a LONG.........time!!   And all the fun activities that we have done over our 7 years have been very fun!!!!

I am glad that in my new school I am with everyone that I wanted to be with.  I think that all my friends have been the best support and I will never forget anyoneJ Thank you !!


Lego Club News! by Jacob

During the Spring Term the members of Lego Club (and Logan!) held a Cake Sale to raise money for extra, new lego.  We raised over £30 for new supplies.  We bought with the money a Lego City and Petrol Tanker alongside a box of random lego.

Also, we have started recruting new leaders/supervisors for the Club as our current Leader will be leaving to join his new secondary school shortly.  Jacob said "the recruitment drive went well and I think William will do a great job". ( changing perspectives to Jacob) I belive william has the potential to follow in my footsteps. I would love to hear it all, who is next to join?  how is it going? is there any fundrasers to be held?

First dress rehearsal by Poppy

Today we had our first ever dress rehearsal it went very well. Everyone performed brilliantly!! The robots danced exceptionally, the crew spoke and sung amazingly and the aliens stayed in role the whole way through. Jess, 11, told me “It went very well but, as always, there is a little bit of improvement to be made.”

Heathlands Summer Fayre By Jess :)

On Friday we had the school’s summer fayre where there was music, stalls, food and a raffle! We had amazing stalls, some included: the stocks, nail painting, tattoos, book stall, adopt a teddy, some funfair rides and more! I think everyone loved the stocks when Mr Matthews got in them! There was a massive queue and we paid a pound a go as we got to soak Mr Matthews. They all aimed for him and some missed but it was very fun!!!! Mia, 11, said, “The fayre was very enjoyable and the dancing went well as we practiced a lot to get them right.” Poppy, 11, thought that the fayre improved majorly from last year, she really enjoyed it. Overall it was an amazing summer fayre; although I am leaving I will definitely go next year.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

My taster day at St Mary's by Abby

Way back in December, I went to St Marys school for girls for a taster day. It was FABULAOUS! I had the best time ever! Once I had arrived at the school, I had butterflies in my stomach because I know absolutely NOBODY.
 We walked to our first class, Latin. It was not my favourite subject ( to be honest I barely new anything but I am sure I will soon learn!) Some of the girls new something, but I was absolutely clueless!!
The next subject was French, we learned about the French words for stationary. I knew some words and we also played the memory game were you had to say a word and the next person had to repeat the word and then had to add on another word and so on.
We had a quick break and then moved on to do music. We had to wait five minutes for the teacher to get there because he forgot it was taster day (oops)!!! We had to compose a scary piece of music for Halloween.  I made two new friends, Anna and Tilly. Unfortunately, Tilly is not going to the school in SeptemberL.    But Anna’s in the same form as me!!
After that, we did English (or literacy) with Miss Long.  We had to write a character description about the mole in Wind in the Willows.
Last but not least, we did Drama. We played lots and lots and lots of games and I think it was my favourite lesson!
Sadly we had to end a great day by departing back for home.   I have now made THREE more friends, Ally, Jessica and Anna. I am hoping to see them next year in year seven. Luckily Ally and Anna are in my form, 7 Alpha.


"Sew-Cool" Sock Monkeys get new clothes!!

Harry is very proud to anounce that he has now finished making his Sock Monkey's new clothes!!  Check out how dapper he looks.

Production Update by Jess :)

Today we did a full run through of the production and it has improved... ALOT!!!!  We are learning all the songs and tomorrow the year 5’s are joining us. Abby,11, has said “All of us has got louder in every song and all our lines.” Mia, 11, said that “I think the production is going very well but some people just need to be a bit louder.”

My taster day experience at Stanway by Jacob

On the 5th-6th of July we all went on a taster day to our future secondary schools to meet our form tutors and teachers, as you may already know, I’m going to stanway secondary school in September. Honestly, I had fun but I’m really not looking forward to the new and drastic changes to our general routine but I’m ready for the challenge. Yes there are the fun lessons we did but they are a far cry away from the standards we will be doing. Not to forget the bus, again it was fun but that was when we had reserved seats on the bus, and the year 11s.   I’m definitely going to miss ... well everything, and everyone as well.  

My Taster Day at Stanway by Mia :)

On Thursday and Friday the 4th and 5th, most of our year 6 pupils went to their Secondary School, Stanway.  At first we all were very nervous but once we got there we were very open!!!!  It was a struggle getting up at 7:00am, but I will hopefully get used to it. The bus was not as bad as I thought; it was ok because we got on the bus last so we didn’t get squashed. When we got there we found out our forms, I am with all my friends that I wanted to be with. J!!

We sat in our forms and we had an assembly.  Three year 7’S read out some advice, that really helped me. Some lessons where very boring but somewhere very easy and fun! Overall the two days that I had where very interesting, and I can’t wait to start my new school and make lots of new friends.

I am ready to take on the challenge.



What I will miss and moving to Philip Morant by Jess :)

On Thursday 4th I went to Philip Morant for a taster day.  I enjoyed it as all the different lessons we did were very fun! The lessons that I did were:  R.E., P.E., Drama, Languages, Library, Maths and we had 2 assemblies in the day. First of all I was very nervous but once I got there I met some new people and people I already knew! My favourite lesson was drama as I knew the teacher and it was very funny as I got to know everyone in my group. I am looking forward to going there in a few months time but I will miss everyone at Heathlands as I have been with them for 6 years now and got used to the routine of the school. I will miss the teachers as well as they taught me very well over the years I have been here. Good Luck to everyone in year 6 and hope to see you in years to come.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

2LS Assembly - Mini-Beast Alert!

2LS today performed their assembly to the School and visiting parents and grandparents.  The assembly was a celebration of their work this term on Mini-Beasts.  We were entertained with a host of information regarding various beasts and creepy crawlies with a 2LS interpretation of the well known children's story "We're going on a Mini-Beast hunt".  The assembly finished with a rousing performance of The Ugly Bug Ball!!  WELL DONE 2LS and Mrs Lloyd, Mrs Wells and all adult helpers.

Sports Day by Freddie 5RC

On Tuesday 2 of July the whole school had sports day. The infant sports day was in the morning and juniors were in the afternoon. For the first time ever we had a new event called the handover event. This is to end the infant sports day and to begin the junior sports day. Also for the first time ever the juniors had there mums, dads, grandmas and granddads in for a picnic. There are always 4 different events, They were a flat race that everybody takes part in. There is also one boy and one girl selected in each year to take part in a relay race and a long distance. There is also two boys and two girls to take part in an obstacle race. Also before the sports day we have a ball throw and long jump. The results always are told at the sports day.
Everyone had a great day on sports day and will be excited about next year.


Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Sports Day 2013 by Abby

Today was sports day! We all had lots of fun competing in activities such as, relay, obstacle race, long distance and the traditional flat race. Everyone took part in the sprint (flat race) but the other races were optional, everyone had to do at least ONE of the other events. I did the obstacle race! Some of my friends did long distance, some did relay but whatever we were doing we enjoyed watching and supporting everyone! Even the mascots came out outside!
This year a new event took place, the hand-over, we did things like wheel barrow , skipping, even bean bag balancing! Our parents came and had a picnic with us at lunch time and over all we had a great day!


What I am going to miss at about Heathlands by Mia

I have been at Heathlands for nearly 7years now. I am really going to miss it I love this school it’s got great teachers lovely pupils and lots of fun activates.
I am definitely going to miss all the fun clubs after school but hopefully there will be lots of new exiting fun clubs at my new school, there are some clubs at this school really help at home. Like sew-cool it’s all about sewing of course, and I sew at home and it helps me and I will carry on with my sewing in my new bigger school.
Also I love!!! The masters club the web-reporters, because everyone can see what we do on the Heathlands hub. I can’t forget about the music that goes on in the hall, because dancing goes on in the new hall and we get great music, and we all sing along with it!!!!!!!
All the pupils get along very well, and we are always nice to one another and are very clearing. I will really miss this feeling of being safe but at the same time I am looking forward to my new school.
I cannot forget about are lovely teachers, they sort problems out and we all get along with the teachers. All the teachers I have had taught me very well!
Thank you very much.


My Aylmerton Adventure by Jacob

It’s undeniable that Aylmerton was a time to remember, no doubt about it. First let me tell you more about it. Aylmerton field study centre is located in north Norfolk, quite near Cromer beach and Blakeney point ( I’ll get to that in a minute ).  As soon as we got there, we were greeted by some of the leaders, Miah Man (Jeremiah) and Queenie (Harriet ) . both are really nice , especially those two , that’s not to say  the others are horrible, in fact, there isn’t a single leader/ instructor that I didn’t like.
Tuesday was pirate day, we hope you like teamwork and other team building exercises because that’s pretty much it. Though after a long , long walk to gather clues and perform a song to captain blackhead ( or Miah Man in other words) you can finally  track down a treasure chest , filled with gold bars , otherwise known as a common Twix.
Wednesday wasn’t any different but with a lack of pirates. It was more team building until the evening. Why I hear you ask? We went swimming! Everyone enjoyed everything ( I admit it , I couldn’t help but show a little).Thursday has to be one of my favourite days, our journey to blakeny point for the mud walk, barefoot... joy. In all seriousness, it was fun, all of it. Collecting cockles? fun, wading through lakes? Fun. Watching Catherine fall over into the mud? Really fun. Also, how could I forget about  the disco. It was a great final moment of fun (and embarrassment in my case) to round off the happy times. Next day we went back to do some rock-pooling for a bit before we left to go home. On the way back me and Sam ate all 3 of the bags of sweets I forgot about, left to rest in the bowels of my rucksack. Ill remember aylmerton for the rest of my life, guaranteed.