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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Sports day.

Last Tuesday, it was sports day. Being outside all day I thought it was more appropriate I did this report. The day started when all houses did a warm up led my Mrs Carter. The children got in pairs and made their way to the field where their already placed chairs were.

The sprints were first, year three girls then boys, year four girls then boys etc. There were about three heats per year-gender. The finals took place afterwards.
The winning house received a total of four points. 

Then obstacle: each house did very differently in every heat, mainly Agent coming last! Eventually long distance came; year three and four did four-hundred metres; however year five and sixes did six-hundred.

Then the infants joined in for the handover.  The handover does not give points. Year five and four did the three legged race to the year ones, where they balanced a bean bag on their head who then passed on the responsibility onto year two and three who did the double sack race, and finally the year sixes who ran whilst putting clothes on,;they had to wear: a hat, a waistcoat and a long or puffy skirt, before finishing the race.  Poor Sackville had a bit of waiting from their sack race onwards. 

Then the best part of sports day: the Toddler race, the Dad race and the Mum race one-all of which were very competitive, but not the cute toddler race.

Lunch came after; for lunch the PTA were selling:
Strawberries and cream
Bacon rolls 
hot dogs
Juice and hot drinks
An ice cream van also appeared, and parents could take a picnic for them and their children. But for the children who had school dinner children, they were provided with a packed lunch.

Then after a bit of play every infant made their way onto the field. First was the obstacle race where each child ran with a tennis racket whilst balancing a bean bag. Then they dropped those and ran to the hurdles which they went under.  Next they ran to the hoops and went through before they had a short sprint. The Sack race took place after, the children jumped to the finish. Sprint came soon afterwards and then long distance running.  The juniors joined the infants during the later part of the afternoon. 
Finally there was a presentation:

ARGENT WON yay! Well done every one who took part.
From Ella via the Web Reports           


Circle Of Life

Next week, on the 13th and 14th July, the Upper Juniors will be performing The Lion King to the public. Everyone is extremely excited to perform and show off all of their hard work to their parents and friends.

Ella, an ecstatic student quoted, “The Lion King will be first class; I cannot wait for the big show!”

There will be a variety of songs, (especially as it is a musical!), including The Circle Of Life, Hakuna-Matata, I Just Can’t Wait To Be King, Can you feel the love tonight and many more.

By Alana

Early Induction Day

On Tuesday 05th July 2015, six Heathlands pupils went to ‘The Stanway Secondary School’ for an extra induction day. I was one of them and I don’t really know why.

They all went with the inclusion leader. We all had a tour round the school (Stanway school). While all of the special children had the tour round the school all the adults had a big talk. At the end of the afternoon we all got biscuit, and a drink.

Then we all went home and we got stuck at the railway crossing.

By Lewis & William

Transfer Day 2016

On Monday 27th June 2016 every child in the school (excluding the year 6’s) went into their new class for the day and got to know their teacher. The year sixes did not go to Stanway as they are going on the 7th July. Everybody enjoyed the day and loved finding out what class they were going to be in.
As the year sixes didn’t go to their secondary school, they continued to practise their production ‘The Lion King’. As they didn’t have a classroom, they made production program cover designs; did Lion King sessions and played rounders.

By Lewis & William

The Stanway School came to Heathlands

On Friday the 17th of June 2016, two people from ‘The Stanway School’ came to talk to the pupils who are going to ‘The Stanway School’ next year.

Main questions
We all had lots of questions. The Girls all wanted to know if they could have their hair down. The answer was ‘yes’. They also said that the boys had to have a short haircut.  

By William

Superb Show Sessions

A week or so ago, the Year 6 pupils have started a series of 18‘The Lion King’ sessions.  Mostly, it started off with the children with non-speaking parts taking part in the sessions, but now all of the Year 6 take part in the sessions (when they're not needed to practise with Mr Hassard).
The sessions are each time focused on a certain topic to do with ‘The Lion King’, starting with an introduction and lot of different topics e.g. story, ritual, rhythm, pride etc.

There are 3 prides, Pride A called “Pride Royal”, Pride B called “Dabbing Dolphins and Pride C named “Courageous Rhinos”.
First, the pride begins with a ritual – which involves the pride leader (which is changed daily).  The ritual starts with the pride leader drumming a rhythm and the pride copying them, which is repeated with a different rhythm.  Then the prides do a vocal and physical warm up.
The sessions continue with a video (which came with ‘The Lion King’ pack).  In the video, the people who play‘Simba’ and ‘Nala’in the North American version, introduce the theme for the session, and talk about it, and tell us what we will do in our current session. 
Afterwards, we do some drama based activity (with our prides), concluding the session.

2016 Athletics Competition

Yesterday, 40 children from the juniors left school at midday to enter in the annual athletics competition, which was hosted at the Garrison. 

The events that they participated in were: the 80m sprint, the100m sprint, the 200m sprint, the long distance race, ball throw and the sand pit. 

Izzy, a year 6 athlete said,” I’m nervous to do the races but I’m also excited to work as a team and see what place we come,” 

Lots of people did very well in the heats and advanced to the finals. Ruby, a nervously waiting athlete explained,” I’m really excited & nervous at the same time. I’m excited to work as a team!” On the whole, everyone did really well and the lowers team managed to win overall! Well done to everyone and a big thank you to all of the staff who made such a great day possible.
By Alana

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Summer Fayre 1st July

There will be:
●Donkey Rides.
●A Bouncy Castle.
●A Carousel.
●Toys to win.
By Megan

6G's Class Assembly

A few Fridays ago, class 6G showcased what they have been learning in a fantastic assembly, which was organised by Mrs Gibson, who was helped by Mrs White. They started off with some genius scientists, who explained more about the fascinating world of the human body. Then, the heart came to tell everyone about itself, with its left and right atriums and ventricles. After that, our very own ‘Ant and Dec’ made a special appearance and played a game, involving the four models. Next, the two lungs explained how they work as part of the respiratory system and everyone sung a song about them. They then explained how they had tested their lung capacity using a balloon. Finally, they moved on to the diverse continent of Africa and ‘Ant and Dec’ re-appeared to introduce the end of the show show where everyone performed on some African drums.

Chloe exclaimed, “I really enjoyed performing in and helping to put together the class assembly!”

By Alana


On Monday 23rd of May students dressed in red, white or blue-some people certainly got a few laughs. 
Uppers did four workshops: Dancing, music, art and French-food-writing.

Dancing was with Mrs Carter “It was really fun but was hard to get the hang of.” Bethany said.

Music with Mr Minter “It was really fun because we learnt how to play a French piece on the piano and it was a new experience!” Chloe said.

Next was art with Mrs Gibson “I loved using the oil pastels they were really fun to use.” Alana said to hear more about art read Chloe’s.

Finally we wrote about food in French then said what we had written to the class, this was with Mr Hassard “I enjoyed however I found it hard to write in French” Lewis said honestly.


French day was really fun and all money raised is being given t o St  Helenea Hospice.  Thank you. By Ella via the web reporters. 



Autism Day

On Tuesday 24th May 2016 it was Autism Day for all students at Heathlands Primary School.   Autism is a mental condition, present from early childhood, characterized by great difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people and in using language and abstract concepts.


Everybody enjoyed learning about autism and how it affects others. Ollie (year 3) showed a PowerPoint to every class at Heathlands about autism and what it is like to have it.


“I enjoyed autism day because we got to learn how it affects people who are autistic.” – William


“It was really interesting to learn about autism and to learn about somebody who is autistic.”  Bethany

By Lewis

Road Safety

On Tuesday 24th of May, a lady came into our school to talk about road safety to the Year 6s.

She told us a few unfortunate stories, explaining about some people’s accidents e.g. what happened when someone didn’t wear a bicycle helmet.

The lady told us about being safe on the road, in a car and on a bike, followed by a quiz.

Afterwards she took groups of us out into the village, to explain how you should cross the road safely.

It was a very interesting talk, and we learnt a lot about being safe on the road.

By Bethany


Wednesday, 18 May 2016


On Tuesday 17th of May (on Worship Group 2’s turn), Reverend Mandy visited our school to talk about Pentecost, which was on Sunday 15th of May.
Pentecost is when the Holy Spirit came into a room as fire, and flames landed on the Disciples shoulders, but they were not harmed!
Reverend Mandy talked about how the Holy Spirit could appear in 5 different ways: powerful, gentle, warming, purifying and enduring.
Worship Group 2 still started, said the Lord’s Prayer and ended the service, as they normally do.
It was a great service, so a huge thank you to Reverend Mandy, and Worship Group 2!

By Bethany


Sometime this week, hopefully tomorrow, year six students will find out who they’re destined to be in the leaver’s production. This will be heart breaking, dramatic, wonderful and funny; the forty-nine children are anxiously waiting.
Let’s hope the director is prepared for all the upcoming drama (do you get it?)  Everyone has successfully finished their auditions-some funny, none even near bad! The teachers were astounded by the high standard of talent of year six.
Every one hopes they get their rightful place on stage, but who will? Thank you every one for entertaining year six with their fab talent; we hope you get the part you want or if not you’re second choice.

By Ella via the Web Reporters.    

Auditions Have Started And Finished

On Monday the 16th May and Tuesday 17th May year 6 pupils auditioned for the end of year production. They had to say what their first and second choice would be.
“We as teachers were very impressed; the pupils who went out of their comfort zone,” said Mrs Gibson
Now we need to wait until Thursday the 19th May to find out who everyone is destined to be. Some of us pupils won’t get who they wanted to be but the teachers have said why. The ‘Web Reporters team’ truly hope that they get the part they wanted.

By William

Netball Tournament

On the 18th May, our year 5 & 6 netball teams went to The Gilberd School, located in Highwoods. Everyone was really excited to play against a variety of different schools, especially the year 5 team, who don’t get to play as much as the year 6 squad. Both teams played excellently, and managed to do very well. In the end, the year 5 team did really well and the year 6 team managed to come in third place overall. Well done to everyone for showing great skill whilst playing and being really supportive of their peers. Thank you also to all of the adults who transported and supported the teams.

By Alana

Netball Journalist  

Heathlands got talent

There were over 100 contestants for Heathlands got talent competition. Unfortunately only one act could win.

In the finales there were 12 remaining contestants. “They were really good but only one could win L” said Bethany. The winning act was a dance from two year 5s. Their names were Becky and Amy. “They were amazing. If they don’t win in the county I think they will still be very proud” said William

By William

Netball for all!

On the 4th May, the wonderful Netball squad were joined by a brilliant mixed year 5 and 6 team who were very
excited to be playing alongside the squad. The total of fifteen girls went to the Gilbert school and warmed up before playing, by playing Cut the Cake and shooting. Everyone played really well with great sportsmanship and in the end Heathlands team 1 came in joint 9th and Heathlands team two came in 3rd. Well done to everyone that took part and well done to the winning team, Kelvedon. Thank you to the adults who supported and transported the team.

By Alana

Netball Journalist  


People everywhere found Monday's reading comprehension incredibly hard. The subjects ranged from a lost queen to Dodo’s. It involved a lot more writing than expected; on the news it has been confirmed that the poor 2016-year sixes had the hardest recorded reading test. Fortunately no one in Heathlands shed a tear unlike other schools in the country *cough cough*! Hopefully every one passed with people all around the country struggling with it the pass mark might be a bit lower this year. 
By Ella 

Smash Those SATS

This week, the year six children have been doing tests set by the government, called SATS. There are six tests in the week. These are: an English comprehension, a grammar and punctuation test, a spelling test, an arithmetic test and two problem solving and reasoning tests. 

So far, we have done 5 of the six tests and as we have been preparing for them for so long, most people are starting to enjoy doing them. Before all of the tests, Mrs Gibson tells us, “Officially, good luck- unofficially, smash it!” Everyone is especially pleased as we have been going into school early, playing games and eating bacon rolls!

By Alana  

Super Chef

As you may know, on the 9th of May until the 12th of May, our brilliant chef Mr Dennis has been coming in early to cook bacon rolls (yum) every morning for the Year 6s before their SATs begin.
But on Wednesday, he was too busy preparing the delicious roast dinner for lunch to make the bacon rollsL!  However, the resilient chef didn’t say the breakfast was off, instead he made toast instead for the hungry Year 6s, which they enjoyed a lot!
So, Mr Dennis, we owe you a HUGE thank you, for pulling out all the stops to make tasty breakfast, from Monday to Thursday!
“Thanks, Mr Dennis, for your ketchup squirting skills, practically perfection!” Ella and Alana say.

“Thank you for coming in so early to help us start our SATs days.” William says.  “I say this on all of year six…   THANK YOU!”
By Bethany

Early Birds

From Monday 9th – Thursday 12th May Year 6 pupils sat their SATs. Through these four days, they were allowed to come into School at 08:10 instead of 08:45 to play sports (games) and to have breakfast.

The game mainly played was Football Rounders (where you kick a football instead of hit a rounders ball with a bat) which many of the Year 6’s enjoyed. They also enjoyed the bench ball (outside edition) on Wednesday 11th because they haven’t played that game this week.

After playing games / sports they all went into the hall to enjoy breakfast. This was normally a bacon bap with ketchup (optional) but on Wednesday, due to roast dinners, the kitchen couldn’t make the baps so they all had toast (buttered or butter and jam). Everybody enjoyed their meal and a big thank you to Mr Dennis and his five-star team for the food.

By Lewis

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

The Chicks Have Arrived

As some of you may know, there was a very special arrival at Heathlands… The chicks!  So far, 5 of the 12 chicks have hatched from their eggs, all of which are healthy and thriving in their new home. Here are some more specific details about them:


•Chick 1 hatched at 6:30 on Tuesday evening

•Chick 2 hatched at 11:00 on Tuesday night

•Chick 3 hatched at around 7:45 on Wednesday morning

 •Chick 4 hatched just after midday on Wednesday

•Chick 5(which is the only girl) hatched at afternoon 1:30 on Wednesday.


Miss Day, who is looking after the chicks, confirmed, “I think I’ve had more visitors in my classroom today than I’ve had in the whole year!”


By Alana


Sing it Louder

Lion-king coming soon but songs out now.  On our website*here*you could go to the Year Six Blog and find yourself the soundtrack.  If you are a child then go have a look; if you are an Upper GET PRACTICING! Personally I think we - Year five and six - now are creating the best production “the songs are catchy”

“We think our conductor is the best-Mr Hassard NOTJ” say fellow reporters thank goodness we have a good conductor because half of the lyrics are African                             e.g. WE BABA: oh father.

Go and have a look thank you.

 Ella via Web reporters.

Heathlands Got Talent

On Tuesday 26th April 2016 everybody who got through the auditions did a practise round but not all acts got to show-off their act so they will practise on Thursday 28th April.


Everybody who performed (or will perform) in this practise round will do their first full dress rehearsal through school on Thursday 5th May to get prepared for the 7:00pm finals hosted in the school hall.


“I am quite nervous and excited.”

- Bethany stated


Everybody is really excited about performing in-front of friend and family members.


This will be the final round of HGT (Heathlands Got Talent) as after this, the judges will decide who will win HGT 2016!



By Lewis


Until the SATS, the Year 6 pupils are doing GPS (Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling) a little differently.  Usually, GPS would only be ONCE a week, but now the Year 6s do it every day, and not as they used to!

They would normally get into their assigned groups, and move around tables completing sheets, and maybe watch a clip.  But now, they still might watch a clip, but they now do a 10 minute SATs style test - to start – followed by a presentation on a topic, e.g. Phrases, Active and Passive Voices, Apostrophes for Omission and Possession etc.  To end the session the children do an activity. 

As said earlier, this will continue until the SATS are over.
By Bethany

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

The star

On Tuesday the 12th of April the Upper Junior department (year five and sixes) found out what the end of year production was.

The year six year group will be acting out the ‘Lion King’. While the year fives will be doing their job as always by lending a helping hand and being the wonderful choir, the lion king will be the hardest play the year sixs have ever put on.

Alana said,” We wouldn’t be able to do this without the year fives. They make such a massive difference for our production.” I think she is right.


But now we have the dreaded wait… Who will be the star of the show...      

Mock SATS Week

This week (started 18.04.16) the Year 6s are experiencing what the real SATS would be like in a ‘Mock SATS Week’.  This was a suggested comment, and some children like the idea, but some are disappointed that they didn’t get a bacon roll each morning, like they would in the real SATS Week!

“It’s good that we do Mock SATS Week, but some people don’t think tests the most enjoyable thing!” Alana, a Year 6 explained.

“I think it’s amazing.” William (another Year 6) quoted.

The tests the children are doing are made by the people who make the real SATS.  The tests are: Reading Comprehension, English Grammar (also known to the pupils as GPS – Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling), Spelling, Arithmetic and two Problem Solving.  What a busy week the Year 6 pupils are having!

Goals Galore!

On Monday 18th April 2016 the boys in the Upper Juniors competed in  Inter-House Games. All houses did really well but Firmins (Green) came out on top.


Firmins had a great team which led them to win all five/five games played by the team. The trophy (which is in Mr Hassard’s Class) was collected by the House Captains (Nat and Grace).

The Scores:

5th: Mumford

4th: Sackville

3rd:  Orpen & Daniel

2nd:  Argent

1st:  Firmins


By Lewis & William