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Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Skoolbo World Cup

The 2015 Skoolbo World Cup has come to an end ;  a huge congratulations to Team Australia, our new Skoolbo world champions! Over the course of the world cup, children from around the globe answered a staggering 19 026 100 questions.
Team Australia =         1 188 758 points
Team New Zealand =     946 084 points
Team Great Britain =  1 151 780 points
Team USA =               1 004 926 points
A massive THANK YOU to everyone who took part, we’re already super excited for the 2016 event and can’t wait for it to come around!

This is it! The last few hours of the 2015 Skoolbo World Cup Challenge.  Last night the marvellous children of Team GB did it – they surpassed one million answers!
Team Australia =         1 020 059 points
Team New Zealand =     843 107 points
Team Great Britain =   1 053 895 points
Team USA =                   884 670 points
By Addison

Shoot for the Stars!!!

Our extraordinary netball squad had been waiting for this match for quite a while and were immensely excited whilst making their way to Gosbecks school.

The match started off very well - with a super score from Amy, followed by a goal from Gosbecks. At the end of the first quarter, the score was 3-1 to Heathlands.

The second and third quarters were super too. As we approached the last quarter the score was 4-1 to Heathlands.

Over all, the Netball match was a success. Well done to all of the netball squad; can’t wait to hear about your next one!!!
By Lauren