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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

The 500 Word Competition

The 500 word competition is where year 6’s -only- write short stories about anything you like. [ e.g. Autism, school or the beach!]. The gold prize is …books stacked up to the height of Chris Evans!

You are not allowed to enter twice because that is against the rules. You are only allowed to do 500 words or under, not over. You are allowed a reasonable amount of time to write in your book; then on the computer; print it out; stick it in your book and send it to Chris Evans. (The teachers will do this)

He or one of the many judges will read every story thoroughly and decide which stories will be 1st, 2nd or 3rd.

The winners will be announced in a few months’ time.
By Hannah



Every year you will have certain lessons to do. They can be: Maths, English, Science (from about year two), Art, History, SRE plus many more.

The different lessons can be from boring to exciting. Most lessons are really good though.

You can play three times during the day. At the start of the day; during the morning/break and in the middle of the day/lunch. These breaks give students the chance to rest their brains. Also it gives them a chance to learn physically and partly mentally. Lessons give children the chance to learn mentally. The only lesson that helps you learn physically is P.E. 

Lessons are a great help and give lots of support for students and their education. They also influence on how well students do in the future.

Going to school and having lessons will really help in life.

By Jasmine

Year 5 Science

This term, year 5’s theme in science is space. 

They have been learning about how the planets orbit the sun and how the moons orbit their planets. They have also learnt about the moon’s phases and how they occur/form.

Very recently, 5B had a class assembly on space. All of it was well planned and structured and based on science. They made it so that it would be like a school trip to the West Bergholt Space Agency. It was a very good performance with lots of parents attending the event. Their performance included sections about the size of the planets, the moon and Pluto. All of it was amazing from the pupils voices to the slide show about the moon.

By Finley

Our Library

Our library is great as we can access many thrilling books for example Artemis Fowl, Tom Gates and Lemony Snicket.

We have over 1000 books so we can choose from different types of genres. We have so many books, we get 2 books to take home but one is for a shorter time otherwise it would be unfair for others.

We have different levels from lilac , which are picture books, to star with lots of words and not any pictures.

There are 17 levels in total.  

By Caleb

Wednesday, 1 February 2017


This term year five and six are doing their bikeability which involves hard work, practise and determination. There are two badges and I expect most people will be aiming for badge two.
Your child will be expected to bring a standard bike with everything functional, and be ready for the road. The things your child does involves u-turns and looking for incoming traffic, signalling and manoeuvring.

You will need to practise before attempting bikeability as it is a real challenge. You may also be doing slow races, fast races and dogging each other between cones. When your child goes onto the road they will have to be prepared for incoming traffic.

By Caleb

Year 5 English

This term, Year 5’s are learning about Myths in English. At the end of the unit they will be writing their own myth. They have already designed their own monsters/beasts. All of which are individually brilliant and fantastically scary. Many people have come up with merciless beasts that lurk under peoples beds and kill them in their sleep. Some have made winged beasts that kill people with their voice. And some have made sea monsters that destroy ships. They have also created heroes to defeat the monsters. As well as this, they have made someone/something to aid the hero on their quest. To plan for this, they read and compared some myths. Later on, they sectioned out a myth to help with the structure. They have also found out where the myths have come from and what they are about. Right now, they are in the middle of their planning.

By Finley