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Wednesday, 27 April 2016

The Chicks Have Arrived

As some of you may know, there was a very special arrival at Heathlands… The chicks!  So far, 5 of the 12 chicks have hatched from their eggs, all of which are healthy and thriving in their new home. Here are some more specific details about them:


•Chick 1 hatched at 6:30 on Tuesday evening

•Chick 2 hatched at 11:00 on Tuesday night

•Chick 3 hatched at around 7:45 on Wednesday morning

 •Chick 4 hatched just after midday on Wednesday

•Chick 5(which is the only girl) hatched at afternoon 1:30 on Wednesday.


Miss Day, who is looking after the chicks, confirmed, “I think I’ve had more visitors in my classroom today than I’ve had in the whole year!”


By Alana


Sing it Louder

Lion-king coming soon but songs out now.  On our website*here*you could go to the Year Six Blog and find yourself the soundtrack.  If you are a child then go have a look; if you are an Upper GET PRACTICING! Personally I think we - Year five and six - now are creating the best production “the songs are catchy”

“We think our conductor is the best-Mr Hassard NOTJ” say fellow reporters thank goodness we have a good conductor because half of the lyrics are African                             e.g. WE BABA: oh father.

Go and have a look thank you.

 Ella via Web reporters.

Heathlands Got Talent

On Tuesday 26th April 2016 everybody who got through the auditions did a practise round but not all acts got to show-off their act so they will practise on Thursday 28th April.


Everybody who performed (or will perform) in this practise round will do their first full dress rehearsal through school on Thursday 5th May to get prepared for the 7:00pm finals hosted in the school hall.


“I am quite nervous and excited.”

- Bethany stated


Everybody is really excited about performing in-front of friend and family members.


This will be the final round of HGT (Heathlands Got Talent) as after this, the judges will decide who will win HGT 2016!



By Lewis


Until the SATS, the Year 6 pupils are doing GPS (Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling) a little differently.  Usually, GPS would only be ONCE a week, but now the Year 6s do it every day, and not as they used to!

They would normally get into their assigned groups, and move around tables completing sheets, and maybe watch a clip.  But now, they still might watch a clip, but they now do a 10 minute SATs style test - to start – followed by a presentation on a topic, e.g. Phrases, Active and Passive Voices, Apostrophes for Omission and Possession etc.  To end the session the children do an activity. 

As said earlier, this will continue until the SATS are over.
By Bethany

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

The star

On Tuesday the 12th of April the Upper Junior department (year five and sixes) found out what the end of year production was.

The year six year group will be acting out the ‘Lion King’. While the year fives will be doing their job as always by lending a helping hand and being the wonderful choir, the lion king will be the hardest play the year sixs have ever put on.

Alana said,” We wouldn’t be able to do this without the year fives. They make such a massive difference for our production.” I think she is right.


But now we have the dreaded wait… Who will be the star of the show...      

Mock SATS Week

This week (started 18.04.16) the Year 6s are experiencing what the real SATS would be like in a ‘Mock SATS Week’.  This was a suggested comment, and some children like the idea, but some are disappointed that they didn’t get a bacon roll each morning, like they would in the real SATS Week!

“It’s good that we do Mock SATS Week, but some people don’t think tests the most enjoyable thing!” Alana, a Year 6 explained.

“I think it’s amazing.” William (another Year 6) quoted.

The tests the children are doing are made by the people who make the real SATS.  The tests are: Reading Comprehension, English Grammar (also known to the pupils as GPS – Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling), Spelling, Arithmetic and two Problem Solving.  What a busy week the Year 6 pupils are having!

Goals Galore!

On Monday 18th April 2016 the boys in the Upper Juniors competed in  Inter-House Games. All houses did really well but Firmins (Green) came out on top.


Firmins had a great team which led them to win all five/five games played by the team. The trophy (which is in Mr Hassard’s Class) was collected by the House Captains (Nat and Grace).

The Scores:

5th: Mumford

4th: Sackville

3rd:  Orpen & Daniel

2nd:  Argent

1st:  Firmins


By Lewis & William


On the 14th of April –last Thursday-the cross country team, with one slight edit due to a broken arm from Aaron, travelled down to Southend, to a cycling park.

The landscape was amazing but very bumpy because of several hills, this meant it was harder than anything we’d ever ran on.

Fortunately we had time to rest, as year threes from different school ran. We all looked  on as our schools very own year four girls got lined up.  Then onto the boys, where two students came in the top ten, one even came first .

We are proud of all the year fours of coming where they came, sadly Heathlands did not come in the top three for the year fours. During the Year fives race it was photo time.  After that we all waved bye bye to the year fours who went back to school to enjoy their workL!

Then when the time came for the girls who were on the line waiting there with horrid butterflies.  Thankfully Mr G Minter was there to cure us, phew_, they all came amazingly and served our school proud. Then it was time for the boys ,but a couple of children hobbled up to the medical tent.  They came back with one child having a sprained ankle fortunately they had the best view of the boys .

Heathlands did not come out on top but did have a chance to prove themselves.

                                     Well done


On the way back from cross to country some cars got treated to a McFlurry in McDonalds. A huge well done to all progressive runners.
Ella via web reporters!   

Aim & score!

On Monday 18th April, the annual Inter-House Games took place. We separated into our six houses, the boys going onto the poors field to play football, whilst the girls played netball on the playground. The girls playing netball all had an enjoyable experience whilst playing in a friendly but competitive manner.

In the end, Firmins and Daniel came in a superb joint second but Argent came out on top, securing the title of first place. Well done to everyone in year five and six who all did the best that they could. A big thank you to Mrs Gibson and Mrs Carter who kindly umpired all of the games.
By Alana

Charter Hall Singing Concert.

On Tuesday 22nd March, Heathlands School choir went to The Charter Hall in Colchester to practice singing songs for a concert. Mrs Broccis taught us some actions for each song. At night we performed the songs to our families. It was very successful as they thought it was amazing. We really enjoyed performing to everyone.
By Paige and Nina