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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Transfer Day

On Friday 3rd July, 215, Heathlands children transferred to their new classes for September.  The current Year 6 pupils were especially excited as they got to spend a day (in some cases two days) at their new secondary school. 

By Charlotte and Lucy

Trip to Kenya

On the Friday, before half term, Mr Hassard went to Kenya to visit Ack Kathari school.  We interviewed him and he told us some interesting facts about the children there and their school.

One of the questions we asked him was:  What are the main differences between their school and ours?  He replied, by telling us that they started school at 07.45, in the morning and finished school at 16.00.  He told us that they have two breaks in the morning and also a lunch break.  They also have to sweep their classroom and keep it presentable.

For lunchtime they have water from the school stream and have maise for their main meal.  He told us that the entire experience was eye-opening, enjoyable and even active, as Mr Hassard stepped in to be the childrens P.E teacher for the whole week. 

Thanks Mr Hassard for giving us all this information.

Rounders Club

Every Wednesday, after school, from 3 until 4, some Year 5 and Year 6 pupil play rounders on the Poors Field.  Accompanied by normally Mrs Carer and Mrs Jenkinson (Mum to T-J and Wills) all the children have loads of fun in an organised and educational manner.

About 30 children take part and are split into mixed gender teams.  Mrs Jenkinson umpires one match and Mrs Carter the other.  After the first match, the teams switch over and play another game against a different team.  Even though the teams were happy to win, they always show great sportsmanship to the other teams; telling them how well they played ad that was promoted by both adults.

By Sam & Charlotte.

Rocking the Romans

On the 15th June, 2015, Years 3 & 4 enjoyed the fact that they got to dress up as Romans-an important aspect of history!  This event followed a rather entertaining class assembly performed by 3B.  The company that arranged the day were called 'Portal to the Past'.

By Kaiden & Frankie

Leavers T-shirts and Hoodies.

On the 23rd June, 2015, the leavers (in Year 6) were given their hoodies and/or t-shirts.  They are really nice and very colourful; we were all really pleased and were desperate to try them on. 

Thank you to all the wonderful staff and parents who made our Leavers hoodies a reality.

By Emily & Lily