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Friday, 19 June 2015

All things Bright & Beautiful

Our Gardening Club is back! Have you seen the carrots, strawberries, herbs, flowers, tomatoes, runner beans, beetroots and more? 

At the moment the children are thinning out the beetroots and carrots.

Furthermore, there is a sale coming up; buttercups in the hair for 1p and a buttercups as a plant: 10p.  Look out for information outside the garden.

Some pictures of the Gardening Club planting will hopefully be on the Blog soon.

Run Rabbit, Run Rabbit, run, run, run ...

On the 10th June 2015, the Year 6s competed in trials for the Athletics Competition on the 16th June 2015. 

Even though not all of the children wanted to race they are tried really hard and pushed themselves further than they ever have in their lives!  Well done!

By Kaiden and Thomas

Let us Grant you 3 wishes!!!

Over the course of the last few weeks, Year 6 and Year 5 have been rehearsing for their production:  Aladdin Trouble!  In addition, nearly everyone has learnt their lines.  Furthermore, the Year 5s are putting in a huge effort to learn all the songs-so far so good!

We would like to say a massive THANK YOU to all the parents/grandparents/guardians and even aunties for making their child's costume(s).  Also Mrs Copping, Mrs Gallagher and Mrs Roberts for making further costumes, props and scenery-you are all stars!!!

Rehearsing photos, will hopefully soon appear o the Blog.  We're looking forward to performing for you all very soon.  We hope you enjoy it!!!

By Lucy

Welcome to the new EFS classes for September 2015!

In September 2015 some new 4 and 5 year olds will become students of Heathlands School for 7 years!  The new children have already had a visit with theirr parents and very soon will be coming for "Stay & Play" sessions.  This couldn't happen without Mrs Lloyd who has helped to arrange this for the pre-school children.

Welcome to our Heathlands family.

By Tom and Kaiden

Ice Pop Fridays

On everybody's favourite day of the week (Friday), Gracie and Eddie have been and will continue to sell ice pops after school in aid of raising funds for the Tom Bowdidge Foundation.

They have some fantastic flavours to choose from:  even cola and cherry.  Also they don't cost too much; bring 30p to school and grab an Ice Pop!!!

By Sam

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Crucial Crew

On Tuesday 2nd June 2015, Year 6 went to Crucial Crew.  At Crucial Crew we went to 5 different types of scenarios.  The scenarios were called:  You and your neighbourhood, Smoking awareness, Fire safety, Road Safety and Internet awareness.

As soon as we got off the coach, we were split into different groups.  On our way up to where our activities were, our first test was waiting- in fact it was a lady with sweets; would you take a sweet from a stranger?.  When we got into a big hall, we were split into coloured teams which were:  orange, red, purple, blue, yellow and green (which was our team).  Soon we were off onto our first activity which was Internet Awareness, during this scenario we watched a video about an old man who deceived a young girl.  We learnt lots of important information relating to how to stay safe on the internet.

As we don't want to spoil the other activities for other years we are going to leave it there.

By Lucy & Frankie

Upper’s Under Siege Day

On Wednesday the 3rd of June, Heathlands Upper department had a fun day based upon their theme: Under Siege. The day was jam-packed full of different activities; including: a drama workshop, an art workshop and a costume making workshop.

In the drama workshop Mrs Gibson and Mrs Carter gave us some activities which included being put in a circle and swapping places with others to make sure that we were not just with our friends/year group. Next we played a game where we got into pairs and our partner led us around the hall and then asked us where we thought we were. It was all mighty confusing! The key to this game was trust.  Finally we explored the Siege of Colchester in the Summer of 1648.

In the art workshop Mrs Carter, Mrs Gibson and Mrs Roberts taught us how to draw Parliamentarians and Royalists on a piece of sketching paper. We used water colours and poster paint to add some colour to our excellent drawings.

By Emily and Lily

Hot off the press...Under the Papers are...

On 3rd June, 2015, Year 5 and Year 6 had a fabulous day competing in Siege themed activities.  One of these awesome activities was dressing a friend in newspaper to look like an important figure from the Siege of Colchester (1648).  Miss Smith led the activity which gave us laughter and joy with plenty of lessons learnt.  Each team gave it their best shot and really put pride and lots of effort into it.  Although only one team came out top per class, a HUGE WELL DONE to everybody who took part in this wonderful Heathlands version of Scrapheap Challenge!  Enjoy our photos!
by Sam