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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Years 3 & 4 Theme Day - Lifes Great Adventure

Our Lower Juniors hosted a fantastic afternoon displaying their theme work. The theme was "Life's Great Adventure" and they covered areas such as health, fitness, food and diet, adventure and being happy within.

Parents and grandparents were treated to displays of country dancing and fitness routines.  Healthy food tasting, smoothies.  A visit to the dentist.  We had a Story Corner where some children read their imaginitive stories.  There was also an amazing Art Gallery displaying all the childrens' beautiful art work and clay modelling.  The guests were also quized on healthy and unhealthy foods.

We recieved some lovely feedback from our visitors:-

"Fantastic afternoon.  Loved all the childrens enthusiasm.  Pizza and smoothies very lovely!! Mrs Sanders.

"Great afternoon loved all that the children did.  Cooking was great, loved the soups and pizza." Mrs Williams.

"Wonderful enthusiasm.  Loved the dancing, displays and of course the Slurpees." Mrs Luxton.

Country Dance

Take your partners!

Scientific Dentistry!

At the Art Gallery

And so the adventure began.....

Let us tell you our stories....

Lab Coats and Goggles at the ready!

Slurpees Smoothies...the best in town

Fitness for ALL! Superb demonstrations.

Once upon a time in a far away land.....

Our wonderful artwork

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