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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Upper’s Under Siege Day

On Wednesday the 3rd of June, Heathlands Upper department had a fun day based upon their theme: Under Siege. The day was jam-packed full of different activities; including: a drama workshop, an art workshop and a costume making workshop.

In the drama workshop Mrs Gibson and Mrs Carter gave us some activities which included being put in a circle and swapping places with others to make sure that we were not just with our friends/year group. Next we played a game where we got into pairs and our partner led us around the hall and then asked us where we thought we were. It was all mighty confusing! The key to this game was trust.  Finally we explored the Siege of Colchester in the Summer of 1648.

In the art workshop Mrs Carter, Mrs Gibson and Mrs Roberts taught us how to draw Parliamentarians and Royalists on a piece of sketching paper. We used water colours and poster paint to add some colour to our excellent drawings.

By Emily and Lily

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