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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

6G's Class Assembly

A few Fridays ago, class 6G showcased what they have been learning in a fantastic assembly, which was organised by Mrs Gibson, who was helped by Mrs White. They started off with some genius scientists, who explained more about the fascinating world of the human body. Then, the heart came to tell everyone about itself, with its left and right atriums and ventricles. After that, our very own ‘Ant and Dec’ made a special appearance and played a game, involving the four models. Next, the two lungs explained how they work as part of the respiratory system and everyone sung a song about them. They then explained how they had tested their lung capacity using a balloon. Finally, they moved on to the diverse continent of Africa and ‘Ant and Dec’ re-appeared to introduce the end of the show show where everyone performed on some African drums.

Chloe exclaimed, “I really enjoyed performing in and helping to put together the class assembly!”

By Alana

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