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Wednesday, 25 February 2015

The Party doesn't start until we all jump in...SPLASH!

For the last few Wednesday's, 3H have had a series of super swimming lessons.  First we went on a crowded coach.  All the people on the coach who didn't know how to swim were very nervous and all the people who did were excited. 

Finally we were there!  We had to wait and watch 3B swim.  Luckily we had brought our reading books (just to make sure that we weren't bored).  Some people had forgotten their books so they had to read a magazine.

After a long time waiting we were in the pool.  In our first week group 1 got to jump off a diving board.  In our second week group 1 had to do front crawl without a float and with a float. 

On the way back we had to wait SEVEN trains!  Whilst I was waiting I played eye-spy with Phoebe, we also played what house is the most pretty and which view was the best.

by Gracie

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  1. What a lot of fun you have had. It sounds like you even had fun being stuck at the train gates for no less than a 7'er train pass (that's one more than I have ever sat through).