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Wednesday, 4 February 2015


In the school kitchen, Andy the catering manager, Imelda, Pam and Kim all work extremely hard making the dinners for the majority of children in Heathlands, each and every day. We enjoy our school dinners especially the puddings!  We have a choice of different meals each day (see menu on home page). We are also given the option to have a vegetarian meal. There are so many meals to choose from: fish fingers and chips, pizza or even roast dinner - they're all great.


The kitchen staff are all affectionate and compassionate.  We have called our kitchen ‘Jiko’ meaning ‘kitchen’ in Kenyan because of our strong links with Kenya.  Also if we haven’t said it enough, we are very grateful for the food that we have so generously been provided. 


On behalf of the whole school we thank the kitchen staff for all the effort which they place into our dinners-they’re delicious-the dinners not the staff.

Charlotte, Emily & Francesca

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  1. I agree totally Emily and Francesca. The school dinners are a huge success and the kitchen staff are amazing.