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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

We're forever blowing bubbles...

Class 6G have been dedicated to two fish, since September 2014 , that have been named and renamed each year this means that the fish are about  1 ½ years old. 

On Tuesday-a few weeks ago- Megan and Mrs Gibson went out during  lunch time to get ‘Florentine’ our new baby fish to go with Washy-now renamed Clementine so 6G have the new pair.  But they still have to give their respect to Wishy R.I.P.

“It was green and it smelt” quotes Megan class 3T . We have to put this fact forward but Mr Hassard thinks that all dead fish should go in the toilet; this is not pleasant because every animal should be cared for like fellow class mates .

Lauren says, “I feel devastated and it is a  terrible tragedy that the fish is dead.”

I also get the privilege of getting a quote from Chloe about our new fish,

“I feel very happy that Clementine has a new best friend to play with”.

We give thanks to all the other 6Gs for helping and naming Wishy.

The Web Reporters via Ella Mae

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