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Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Time to think; time to pray

As you may know, there are two Worship Groups – Group 1 and Group 2.  This fortnight, the two Worship Groups performed their first Acts of Worship. 

Group 1 went first, teaching the school about the meaning of the Lord’s Prayer.  Then Group 2 went last Monday, explaining to the school about how the Acts of Worship are going to change.  The school is going to learn some new phrases; we will do and say some different things.

“It was amazing!” exclaimed Lewis when asked his opinion on the first two Acts of Worship. 

“I thought it was a great idea,” Mr Hassard quoted, “And it will be good to see how it goes after they’ve had more practice.”

So, what’s next for the Worship Group?  Group 1 told the school about the Prayer Chair (a new edition to our Acts of Worship).  Once the school has learnt all the changes, the Acts of Worship will be brilliant!   

By Bethany              


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