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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Chelmsford Cathedral

On Tuesday 2nd March (2016), the two Worship Groups went on a visit to Chelmsford Cathedral.  They spent the whole school day there, and quite a few were glad to have a nice break from lessons.  It wasn’t just the two Worship Groups - there were over 150 school children there.

The day started off with the children saying what they will need for a long journey.  Then a man, dressed in robes, taught them a response and then told them a story about Moses.  He didn’t just tell a story, as he spoke there were interactive experiences, making it as though the children were in the tale.

There was more story – telling and experiences, followed by crafts and activities, people acting and singing, and loads more!

“I thought it was an interesting and educational day, and I had such great fun!” Lauren, a member of Worship Group 2, told me.

So, it sounds like the two Worship Groups had a whale of a time, and hopefully they got some good ideas…

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