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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

A New Feline Friend

Recently, a grey, striped cat known as “Bobby” has visited the school every day, much to some teachers annoyance.  Although Bobby looks like a little stray, he is actually Dylan’s pet cat.  Bobby has explored many outdoor parts of the school, pursued by adoring pupils. 

Most people are very fond of Bobby like Megan,  “He is really soft and silky” she quoted. 

“Bobby is an extremely affectionate cat.  ” Mrs Gibson smiled.  “All he needs now is a Heathlands school uniform.”

Even though Bobby has many fans, some people like Chloe aren’t so keen on him.  “I think he’s a menace,” Chloe said bluntly.  “Because he makes me sneeze and I tripped over him.”

One of the places Bobby has visited is the wildlife garden.  He came when two of the Eco Monitors – Alice and Angelina were attending to the nature.  As both Eco Monitors were experienced with cats, first Alice lifted the curious Bobby out of the Wildlife Garden.

But annoyingly, Bobby came back into the garden and stuck his face into a hole in the ground, looking for food.

So after being lifted twice out of the Wildlife Garden by Angelina, the Eco Monitors gave up and ignored Bobby.

But Bobby still remains in the school grounds (which is surprising as he must be terrified being chased by pupils, while some pupils yell, “Leave the cat alone!”). 
So, the question is, will Bobby ever leave the school?

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