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Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Mock SATS Week

This week (started 18.04.16) the Year 6s are experiencing what the real SATS would be like in a ‘Mock SATS Week’.  This was a suggested comment, and some children like the idea, but some are disappointed that they didn’t get a bacon roll each morning, like they would in the real SATS Week!

“It’s good that we do Mock SATS Week, but some people don’t think tests the most enjoyable thing!” Alana, a Year 6 explained.

“I think it’s amazing.” William (another Year 6) quoted.

The tests the children are doing are made by the people who make the real SATS.  The tests are: Reading Comprehension, English Grammar (also known to the pupils as GPS – Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling), Spelling, Arithmetic and two Problem Solving.  What a busy week the Year 6 pupils are having!

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