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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Early Birds

From Monday 9th – Thursday 12th May Year 6 pupils sat their SATs. Through these four days, they were allowed to come into School at 08:10 instead of 08:45 to play sports (games) and to have breakfast.

The game mainly played was Football Rounders (where you kick a football instead of hit a rounders ball with a bat) which many of the Year 6’s enjoyed. They also enjoyed the bench ball (outside edition) on Wednesday 11th because they haven’t played that game this week.

After playing games / sports they all went into the hall to enjoy breakfast. This was normally a bacon bap with ketchup (optional) but on Wednesday, due to roast dinners, the kitchen couldn’t make the baps so they all had toast (buttered or butter and jam). Everybody enjoyed their meal and a big thank you to Mr Dennis and his five-star team for the food.

By Lewis

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