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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Super Chef

As you may know, on the 9th of May until the 12th of May, our brilliant chef Mr Dennis has been coming in early to cook bacon rolls (yum) every morning for the Year 6s before their SATs begin.
But on Wednesday, he was too busy preparing the delicious roast dinner for lunch to make the bacon rollsL!  However, the resilient chef didn’t say the breakfast was off, instead he made toast instead for the hungry Year 6s, which they enjoyed a lot!
So, Mr Dennis, we owe you a HUGE thank you, for pulling out all the stops to make tasty breakfast, from Monday to Thursday!
“Thanks, Mr Dennis, for your ketchup squirting skills, practically perfection!” Ella and Alana say.

“Thank you for coming in so early to help us start our SATs days.” William says.  “I say this on all of year six…   THANK YOU!”
By Bethany

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