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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

My Aylmerton Adventure by Jacob

It’s undeniable that Aylmerton was a time to remember, no doubt about it. First let me tell you more about it. Aylmerton field study centre is located in north Norfolk, quite near Cromer beach and Blakeney point ( I’ll get to that in a minute ).  As soon as we got there, we were greeted by some of the leaders, Miah Man (Jeremiah) and Queenie (Harriet ) . both are really nice , especially those two , that’s not to say  the others are horrible, in fact, there isn’t a single leader/ instructor that I didn’t like.
Tuesday was pirate day, we hope you like teamwork and other team building exercises because that’s pretty much it. Though after a long , long walk to gather clues and perform a song to captain blackhead ( or Miah Man in other words) you can finally  track down a treasure chest , filled with gold bars , otherwise known as a common Twix.
Wednesday wasn’t any different but with a lack of pirates. It was more team building until the evening. Why I hear you ask? We went swimming! Everyone enjoyed everything ( I admit it , I couldn’t help but show a little).Thursday has to be one of my favourite days, our journey to blakeny point for the mud walk, barefoot... joy. In all seriousness, it was fun, all of it. Collecting cockles? fun, wading through lakes? Fun. Watching Catherine fall over into the mud? Really fun. Also, how could I forget about  the disco. It was a great final moment of fun (and embarrassment in my case) to round off the happy times. Next day we went back to do some rock-pooling for a bit before we left to go home. On the way back me and Sam ate all 3 of the bags of sweets I forgot about, left to rest in the bowels of my rucksack. Ill remember aylmerton for the rest of my life, guaranteed. 

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